The wackiest national holidays to look out for in 2021

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As we come to the end of a year with unprecedented circumstances and struggles for so many, we likely missed some amazing and bizarre national holidays that could have lightened our spirits. We can only hope that conditions will improve in 2021, but even if this is not the case, we encourage you to find silliness and joy in these obscure national holidays from every month. Take these days to smile, laugh and replenish your optimism.

January 22 – National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Whether you have a very special connection with your cat or would never be caught dead anywhere near it, take this day to spend some quality time with it. You never know what you might learn about your pet and its abilities in doing so!

February 18 – National Drink Wine Day

If you’re of age, stretch your budget a little further than two buck chuck, and get something you have never tried before such as a wine usually reserved for special occasions. Or you can just come to my parent’s house – National Drink Wine Day seems to happen an awful lot there.

March 18 – National Awkward Moments Day

This day gives you the opportunity not just to appreciate awkward moments, but to make your own. If you’re driving, honk and excitedly wave at a passing stranger. When the cashier at the grocery store asks if you’d like to donate to a children’s fund of some sort, give a dead pan look and say, “No, I don’t like children.” Sometimes just solid, unwavering and uninterrupted eye contact is enough to make people cringe.

April 9 – National Name Yourself Day

Get weird with it. Agamemnon. Cactus Flower. Beelzebub. The world is your oyster here.

May 21 – National Talk Like Yoda Day

This will begin to annoy your friends and family very quickly, but if you have a good Yoda voice, it will be more tolerable, so we recommend you start practicing now. Fun fact – Frank Oz, the actor behind the voice of Yoda, also voices Miss Piggy.

June 19 – National Garfield the Cat Day

It shocks me that more people don’t take the time to honor this national hero. Mark your calendar to make some lasagna and cuddle up with Jim Davis’s comic books featuring the sarcastic yet lovable cat on this day.

July 29 – National Chicken Wing Day

Chicken wings are a blank canvas, so why not put your own culinary spin on the popular snack? Whether you do a Korean inspiration with red chili and kimchi or head to Louisiana with a buttermilk deep fry version, chicken wings are sure to lift your spirits.

August 9 – National Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

It’s what it sounds like. I don’t know. If it were up to me, I’d say don’t make it weirder than it needs to be – just ring their doorbell and hand it to them.

September 29 – National Ask a Stupid Question Day

Although this sounds like my worst nightmare, some digging about the history behind this holiday revealed that its purpose is actually an admirable one. Teachers created this holiday to encourage shyer students to ask questions in class due to research studies showing that these questions were often very relevant and helpful to other students. So do not use this as an excuse to come up to me and just ask a stupid question. It will not be well received.

October 3 – National Kevin Day

Quite possibly the most obscure of the list, for some reason people named Kevin deserve a national day for appreciation. Some significant Kevins include Kevin Bacon, Kevin Hart and most importantly your personal friend Kevin. Show them some love because for some reason or another it’s National Kevin Day.

November 15 – National Odd Socks Day

Weird socks can make you happy. Whether it’s a mismatched pair or some funky patterns, and even if you wear them secretly under pants or boots, I promise it will make you smile to know that you have some fancy feet on this day.

December 9 – National Llama Day

I mean, enough said. I’m just be hoping that by next year we’ll be able to have a real-life Llamapalooza again. What better way would there be to celebrate?

Find a way to celebrate every day in this upcoming year. There is so much to appreciate, to take joy in and to cherish. Although these holidays are silly – except for National Llama Day, take that very seriously – perhaps they can bring a smile to your face!

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