Songs about love that leave you with goose bumps

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Someone once told me that every single song in the world is about love in some way. Although many may disagree (myself included), I liked that my friend could find a message about love within everything they listened to. We at the Clog have made a playlist of our favorite songs about all types of love and we encourage you to take a study break and give this playlist a listen.

“Hanging By A Moment” by Lifehouse

Within the first 10 seconds, you’ll find yourself in a pool of thoughts from your childhood. The nostalgia you experience as you sing along to these simple lyrics makes this song a true classic. The premise of the song — that someone is falling more in love with you each moment — is such a beautiful thought. As long as you’re together, “hanging” in the moment, that’s what matters.

“Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

To lie with someone you love and forget the rest of the world … sometimes, that’s all you can ask for. Life is too precious to skip out on simple moments. Chase cars, fall in love, forget your problems and create new memories with your loved ones.

“Smile” by Mikky Ekko

This song reminds you that you can’t predict the future. You need to stop trying to make everything perfect and focus on living in the moment. You never know how much time you have left with your loved ones, so smile for today and don’t think about tomorrow. Don’t take things for granted or wait for things to happen — smile and make things happen.

“Favorite Girl” by The Icarus Account

This is probably one of my top 10 songs in my Spotify library. The lyrics are beyond adorable and meld with the beat in a calm yet refreshing way. The song shows that falling in love is a beautiful experience, so why not relish in it! Please note that you will definitely find yourself playing this song on repeat.

“Oh Darling” by Plug In Stereo featuring Cady Groves

In remembrance of Cady Groves, who passed this May, you must give this song a listen. It’s a beautiful song by two talented musicians who make you believe in love. Plug In Stereo and Cady Groves alternate lines, and it’s definitely one of the cutest songs I’ve ever listened to.

“The Girl” by City and Colour

This is a beautiful song with a nice message reminding the listener that they deserve the very best and must never settle. About halfway through, the song picks up in energy level, carrying a faster tempo and louder voice, which is so exciting every time I give it a listen. Remember to stay humble, get rid of materialistic wants and chase feelings instead. You should be aiming to fall in love, not to receive fancy gifts. And you should be willing to give someone up if you know it’s the best option for their happiness.

“We’re Going To Be Friends” by The White Stripes

The message: Don’t try to grow up too fast — be a kid, make friends with anyone that passes by you, overthink silly thoughts for fun and daydream about your crush until your heart is racing. Grab someone’s hand and start running (when it’s safe to do so post-pandemic, of course) because it could spark something that might last a lifetime. The title itself, “We’re Going to Be Friends,” sends a hopeful message: As we wrap up this semester and get ready for Spring 2021 to make study groups in class, try your best to meet new people. For all you know, they could end up being your best friend.

“She Is Love” by Parachute

Simply the name of this song alone is a beautiful thought: “She is Love.” With a calm and mellow beat, the vocals and instrumentals align perfectly. Plus, this song is easy to sing along to and perfect for a car ride when you’re looking to sing your heart out.

“Falling in Love At a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg

With the endless amount of coffee shops we have on campus, as well as in the surrounding area, maybe you will fall in love at a coffee shop. I’m not going to lie; I’ve witnessed many first dates occur in the times I’ve sat in a coffee shop. To talk for hours until the coffee shop closes with the warm ambiance of baked goods in the background, calm jazz music playing silently on the speakers and a warm coffee in hand — the aesthetic sounds like a movie, or a song in this case. Maybe it’s one that will come true for you!

This playlist is guaranteed to sweep you away into a world where finals don’t exist, and love is the only thing that matters. At least one of these songs is guaranteed to leave with you goose bumps. We hope you enjoy!

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