Why small dogs are bullies (or maybe it’s just mine)

Photo of a dog
Isabella Carreno /Staff

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Four years ago, my parents decided to get my little sister a Yorkie puppy for Christmas. Little did they know, this Yorkie was destined to become my greatest enemy, as well as my first college roommate. As the years have passed, we have developed a love-hate relationship, and although I love her, she is a bully. Small dogs have a way about them, whether it’s because they are cute and used to getting what they want, or because they are simply jealous of big dogs. Either way, small dogs are bullies — and while it might just be mine, here are a few reasons why.  

Small dogs can use their size to manipulate you

Small dogs are cute, and they know it. Don’t listen to their lies. If you have something that they want, such as a piece of food or a toy, they will utilize their strengths to get it from you in one way or another. For instance, when I have a snack or a flower, my dog will sit, stare at me and tap me with her paw until I give it to her. Once she has gotten what she wanted, she will walk away without a second thought, making you feel used. 

Their anger is concentrated within their small body

My dog is relatively tame. She almost never bites or starts fights with others. However, I have never known a person nor animal as petty as she is. When she gets in trouble, she won’t let us hold her for two hours! I have never seen such a small animal so willing to fight another animal three times its size. She even bullies bigger dogs. Maybe she has a high concentration of anger because she is so small. Maybe the smaller the dog, the bigger the attitude. Either way, it’s true. 

Small dogs have zero loyalty

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Small dogs will pick a fight with anyone or anything. They will do whatever benefits them. For example, my dog once ran out of my house and jumped in my best friend’s car as she was leaving and would only come back to us if we gave her a treat. Although, in retrospect, maybe this is just my dog that behaves like this. 

All jokes aside, I absolutely love my dogs, both my small and large ones. Although my small dog and I have our differences, I have to say, life stuck at home would not be the same without her. Still, she is a bully. 


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