‘NorCal Rapist’ Roy Charles Waller sentenced to nearly 900 years in prison

Roy Charles Waller

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Content warning: sexual violence and sexual harassment

Following a 25-years long career at UC Berkeley, Roy Charles Waller was sentenced to nearly 900 years in prison Friday after being convicted in the “NorCal Rapist” case.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge James Arguelles imposed two consecutive sentences — a 459-year term followed by a 438-to-life term, which constitute the maximum sentence allowed by law, according to a Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office press release. Waller is ineligible for parole.

Before being arrested in September 2018, Waller worked in the UC Berkeley Office of Environment, Health and Safety as a safety specialist.

Waller was convicted by a jury of 46 charges leveled against him earlier this year, including 21 counts of rape and seven counts of kidnapping. The case pertained to the assault of nine women across six counties and seven different cases between 1991 and 2006, according to the press release.

Using DNA evidence, Waller was linked to the sexual assaults of the nine women, all of whom testified during the monthlong jury trial, the press release states. Retired officers, detectives and sexual assault forensic nurses examiners across the United States were located to come to Sacramento to present their testimony.

“The victims waited for decades for justice and it was only through the use of (investigative genetic genealogy) IGG that the identification and arrest of Waller was possible,” the press release adds. “The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office would like to thank the original detectives from agencies in each jurisdiction on these cases who never gave up pursuing the offender.”

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