Intensive care unit capacity in CA falls to 0%, about 8% in Bay Area

ICU Bed Illustration
Robert Priseman/Creative Commons
According to the state government’s website, there are 1,237 remaining intensive care unit, or ICU, beds available in California as of press time. The continued increase in COVID-19 cases has placed California’s ICU capacity at 0%, and the state has entered its surge capacity.

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As people prepare to usher in the new year, COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to soar, resulting in 0% intensive care unit, or ICU, capacity in California.

The state has 2,245,379 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 25,386 total deaths as of press time, representing a 1.7% increase in deaths from the day prior, according to the state government’s website. With the rise in cases, ICU capacity statewide has reached 0%, meaning California has entered its surge capacity.

Across the state, there are 1,237 ICU beds available as of press time, which is 33 less than the day before, according to the website.

In the Bay Area, ICU availability is at 8.5% as of press time, according to the website. In Alameda County, hospitalizations have peaked, with 339 non-ICU confirmed COVID-19 patients and 115 ICU confirmed patients as of Wednesday, according to the Berkeley COVID-19 dashboard.

“COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to hit unprecedented new peaks,” reads a tweet from the city of Berkeley. “We all need to work together to end this surge.”

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