Steaming hot take: Sorry soup lovers, but soup is not good

Photo of soup
Nandita Radhakrishnan/File

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Before I begin, I must preface by saying I am a lover of all foods — some might even call me a food connoisseur. I love everything from Mexican food to Thai food and anything from a Cobb salad to a shepherd’s pie. However, the one food (if you could even call it a food) I can definitely pass on is soup. Now, let me clarify, I am not talking about stew, such as minestrone or albondigas, which have enough meat or veggies to pass off as food. I am talking about the blended vegetable goop that seems to gain popularity during this time of year. I know this is a very controversial opinion — especially for all the tomato soup lovers out there. But to me, soup is the worst food, and here are a few reasons why.

Soup has no distinct flavor

Whether I am talking about a vegetable broth or a fancy butternut squash soup, this statement universally applies. Blending or soaking foods in liquid eradicates all of the unique components of a food. Instead of tasting the individual flavors of a dish, all of them bleed together to create a messy flavor profile. And I know many culinary professionals like to talk about the notes of clove or cinnamon — but, being real, there are no “notes” of anything in a soup. It just tastes like butternut squash mush. No, thank you.

Soup is not fulfilling

Call me crazy, but when I eat, whether it’s out of hunger or boredom, I like to feel fulfilled afterward. I always enjoy the feeling of energy and contentment after a good, hearty meal. However, when it comes to soup, I usually wind up feeling empty. Now, this could be due to the fact that soup is simply just blended veggies, or worse, remnants of vegetable water, but something about soup lacks the substance and heartiness of solid food. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: If I wanted to drink my food, I would just have a smoothie.

Let’s be honest, soup is just an excuse to dip your bread or tortillas into something

Now, this could be my most controversial point, but there is some truth to it. Whether it’s tomato soup and grilled cheese or chicken broth with tortillas, soup’s only purpose is to act as a dip for your carbs. Now, this is the one situation where soup is bearable. However, this doesn’t make it a good food: At best, it’s a strong supporting character. Plus, I would much rather have oil and vinegar with my bread instead of butternut squash mush. 

While this may have angered some soup lovers or affirmed some soup haters, don’t get too heated over my rant. Soup is winter’s favorite food, so don’t let me stop you from fulfilling your soup dreams. Even though soup is, you know, objectively bad.

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