Blake Street, Adeline Street construction await building permits

Photo of new housing developments
Laconia Development/Courtesy
Construction on Adeline Street began six years ago, according to architect Moshe Dinar. The housing construction project on Adeline Street, along with the project on Blake Street, are waiting for building permits to be granted by the city of Berkeley.

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Housing construction projects at 2015 Blake St. and 3031 Adeline St. are awaiting building permits from the city of Berkeley.

Laconia Development LLC, a midsize real estate development company, is in charge of the Blake Street project, while Dinar and Associates Architect is managing the design concepts and construction process of the Adeline Street project. According to architect Moshe Dinar, the Adeline Street project began six years ago.

“We are very happy with the design of our building,” Dinar said. “It respects the building’s surroundings, and we hope to build it soon.”

The plan is to build a mixed-use building, which allocates space for both residential and commercial usage. The three-story building has a total of 42 units and would also include residential parking space.

According to the Zoning Adjustments Board’s Design Review Committee staff report that was released Jan. 21, 11% of the Adeline Street building, or two units, will be allocated to very low-income households, in which the housing fee would not exceed 30% of the families’ income.

“The projects will benefit Berkeley residents greatly,” Dinar said. “The project will fill in the great need for housing, as well as providing affordable housing.”

The Laconia Development LLC project, located on Blake Street, was initiated two years ago in lieu of the increasing housing demands in the Bay Area, according to Steve Heaton, Laconia Development LLC senior vice president of development. The project involves a total of 168 units, with 161 constructed units and seven rehabilitated units.

According to Heaton, there are two historical Victorian homes included in the construction site. One home has four apartments, and the other has three apartments.

“Through the construction process, we are going to renovate both the Victorian homes on the interior and exterior,” Heaton said. “It’s not often that we have the opportunity to preserve historical buildings, so it’s an exciting opportunity.”

The building would be a 10-minute bike ride from UC Berkeley and would be close to the Ashby BART station, Heaton said. He added that a range of residents, from students to those who may commute to San Francisco for work, may rent the housing units.

Laconia Development LLC not only managed the land acquisition for the project but will also oversee the construction and the leasing process, Heaton said.

Of the 168 housing units, 11 will be allocated for affordable housing, Heaton added. Laconia Development LLC will pay the city of Berkeley an affordable housing fee of $4,263,000.

“Berkeley is a great city. I think this is one of the best locations to have stuff going on right now. We are really excited about the project,” Heaton said. “We like to build things that are architecturally interesting, and we want to be proud of anything we build.”

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