Personality quizzes: Which are the best at telling us who we are?

Photo of someone taking a personality test on a computer
Celine Bellegarda/Senior Staff

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Throughout the past few months, there has been a trend on TikTok revolving around one of the most intimate aspects of a person: personality. So, in light of the new semester and with dozens of new assignments to procrastinate on, I have decided to take one for the team and dive down the black hole of personality quizzes, giving my opinion on them and how accurate they are according to myself and my close friends (although, who really does this for accuracy). 

Meyer Briggs Personality Quiz

My rating: 92% accurate

Friends’ Rating: 86.2% accurate

Take it again? Yes.

Highlights: The relationship portion of the results hurt a bit.

I have taken this personality quiz numerous times in the past, and I must admit that this quiz is by far the most accurate, and it’s probably the only one I take seriously. Out of the 16 personality types you can get, I received the campaigner personality type, which is creative and social, while also being indecisive and impractical. Overall, I would say this test was pretty accurate — perhaps even scarily accurate. In the end, it gives you an in-depth analysis of your relationships, strengths and weaknesses. You can also find out which celebrities share your personality and your most compatible career goals. It would be fun to take with your friends — or if you’re me, alone and in place of doing schoolwork. 

Enneagram Personality Type

My rating: 60% accurate

Friends’ rating: 56% accurate

Take it again? Nah.

Highlights: I got the same result as Robert Downey Jr.

The second test I took on my personality journey was the Enneagram test. At first glance, the test has 8 possible personalities to match your results with. Personally, I think that there are way more than just 8 personality types, but alas, I kept going. The test matched me with a 92% likeliness to type 7: “The Enthusiast.” Enthusiasts are high-spirited and spontaneous, while also being impatient and impulsive. Honestly, I would say this is semi-accurate. I am a very impatient person, as well as high-spirited, but I am a huge overthinker so I wouldn’t say I am spontaneous. But hey, not bad for an algorithmic test. Additionally, this test was really long and you had to pay to get results, so I wouldn’t suggest. 

Difficult Person Quiz

My rating: 40% accurate

Friends’ Rating: 44% accurate

Take it again? Nah.

Highlight: It said I was pretty nice which was cool.

Changing it up a bit with a more recent quiz, next is the Difficult Person quiz. Now, according to research or maybe just a person somewhere, this test will give you the percentage of “difficult” you are, as well as your main negative traits. There were only 5 traits the test could associate you with, and it gave you a percentage of “difficult” you were after 20 questions, so I knew this one was going to be spot-on. In the end, the quiz said I was 18.5% difficult, with my most prominent negative traits being manipulativeness, suspicion and impulsivity. Now if I must be honest, the reason I say this is fairly inaccurate — besides obvious reasons — is because I know I am way more difficult than only 18%.

Most Similar Celebrity

My rating: 70% accurate

Friends’ rating: 43%

Take it again? Yeah, probably.

Highlights: I got a 70% personality match with Remi from “Ratatouille.”

This test was by far the most fun, you only need to take one test and it matches you with one character from all the major pop culture franchises. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this one, it was really fun to take and it said I was Remi from “Ratatouille,” so I am pretty happy with it. However, if you are going for stark accuracy, this is not your test, but it’s super fun to take with friends!

Celebrity Soulmate

My rating: 0%

Take it again: No.

Highlights: None.

This quiz matches your zodiac sign with any popular celebrities and gives the percent compatibility. This gets a 0% accuracy because it said I was only 60% compatible with Chris Evans which is obviously completely incorrect. 

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