Rain boots are underrated: Here’s why I think you need a pair

Photo of rain boots on stairs
Erika Thompson/Creative Commons

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Rain boots are underrated. I said it. Seriously, they may be mostly worn by elementary schoolers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a great addition to your closet. To be fair, if you’re living in Berkeley, you probably only really need them a couple of weeks out of the year. But when you need them, they’ll be your favorite item you own. I personally love rain boots! They’ve helped me get from class to class in the rain without dealing with wet feet for entire lectures. And there’s something so satisfying about pulling a boot over comfy socks and knowing you are fully prepared for a rainy day. Still feeling skeptical? Check out these reasons to pull those rain boots out of the back of your closet!

Splashing in puddles 

Need I say more? Not only is it fun to just jump into puddles as you’re walking around, but you can taunt your friends by splashing right next to them and their poor, Converse or Vans clad feet. They can’t have fun without getting their ankles wet, but you? “Fun-in-puddles” is your middle name! And when you need a little stress relief because you’ve been on Zoom for eight straight hours, pull on your boots and go for a walk outside! Gloomy, drippy weather can’t stop you.

Your feet actually stay dry

Move over any canvas shoes or sneakers. Sure, sneakers might be a more typical look, but do they allow you to walk around for hours in the rain, knowing that your socks won’t get wet? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not that you should really be walking around for hours in the rain, but if you were, rain boots would be your best friend. Actually though, if you’re wearing rain boots, you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes or ending up with wet socks (which is probably the worst feeling in the world).

You feel kind of powerful

People that don’t wear rain boots don’t know what it’s like to fearlessly prance around in a downpour or walk directly across Memorial Glade (that muddy part in the middle has nothing on you and your boots). No longer do you have to walk around dips in the sidewalk that turn into small pools when it rains. You can go right through them. You can stomp your feet as much as you want without ruining your shoes. You can wear super fun fuzzy socks, and no one will ever know. The world is truly your oyster. 

Rain boot variety

When you think of rain boots, chances are you’re either thinking of the bright yellow rubber ducky ones you had when you were 5-years-old, or you’re thinking of some person with a trench coat, black pointy umbrella and tall, dark boots. There are so many varieties of boots for you to wear! Cheap ones, very expensive ones, colorful and plain, short and tall — it’s pretty much a make your own preferred boot world out there. And if you want a more casual but waterproof look, go for a shorter rain boot that’s a little more subtle. 

So, have you ordered new rain boots yet, or are you gonna let them sit in your shopping cart a little while longer? It’s OK if you want to take your time, but know that eventually, rain boots will begin to reign supreme over all your other shoes. You’ll be thinking about them and having the urge to wear them even on sunny days. When that happens, don’t blame us here at the Clog — it’s just the magic of rain boots.


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