Who will support The Weeknd at Super Bowl Halftime?

Will one of them step on the big stage? Clockwise from top left: Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Madonna, Taylor Swift, and Drake.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is one of the biggest and most widely seen pop concerts of the year, and the performers are always the brightest stars in the showbiz sky. In 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira joined forces during the halftime of Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Florida. 

The Weeknd, whose “Blinding Lights” was Spotify’s top song in 2020, has been announced as the headline artist of the 2021 Super Bowl LV Halftime, but who will he join forces with?

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has become a bona fide SuperStar, and it would make sense if she took the next step in her career by performing during the Super Bowl Halftime. She’s one of the hottest artists at the moment with two songs in the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She has also collaborated with The Weeknd in the past, so they shouldn’t lack mutual chemistry either. Ariana Grande was the third most-streamed female artist in Spotify in 2020, and she’s our best guess for the supporting act during the Super Bowl Halftime in Tampa. 

Dua Lipa

In 2020, music journalists couldn’t get enough of writing about the 80s sound of Dua Lipa and the Weeknd. They were both global Top 5 artists in Spotify in 2020, and it’s hard to find a more stylistically suitable support act for The Weeknd than Dua Lipa.  


Drake has done pretty much everything else in his career except perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. He is as big as stars can get – in 2020, Drake was the second most-streamed artist in Spotify. He is definitely up there as one of the most famous artists ever not to perform during the biggest game of the year. But would it be weird (or even unconstitutional) to have a 100% Canadian line-up?  


Who would be a better companion to The Weeknd’s 80s sound than the original Queen of the 80s? Madonna is no stranger to huge stages, and her global fanbase would guarantee that she’d be a popular choice. We would love it if she and Dua Lipa joined forces on the stage in Tampa!

Honorary mentions

Justin Bieber (why: Because Justin Bieber) 

Olivia Rodrigo (Number 1 of Billboard Hot 100)

Billie Eilish (most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2020)

Taylor Swift (has never performed at Super Bowl Halftime, 2nd most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2020) 

Morgan Wallen (Number 1 of Billboard Hot Artists 100) 

Harry Styles (his album Fine Line was the 4th most streamed album on Spotify in 2020)

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