EIT digital sponsored 1If you are aspiring to become a tech innovator, studying at the EIT Digital master school in Europe is the ideal destination for you. At the EIT Digital Master School, you will learn how to turn technology into business in a two-year masters, at two different European universities in two different European countries of your choice. Upon successful completion, get rewarded with two master’s degrees and a certificate of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Isn’t that a prosperous start to boost your career or to launch your own startup?

The EIT Digital Master School combines technical education on emerging technologies with entrepreneurial education. Innovation and entrepreneurship classes and real time exercises are a central thread throughout the two-year programs. Graduating students therefore are able to turn deep technologies into business, inspiring engineers to start their own business.

Take for example Entremo. This is a startup of EIT Digital Master School students in Data Science, Human Computer Interaction and Design,
Autonomous Systems, Embedded Systems and Visual Computing and Communication, participated in several hackathons and won one with a COVID-19 monitoring solution. This solution – a 3D printed remote monitoring device – can measure vital signs of corona patients which allows nurses to safely monitor multiple patients at the same time. EIT Digital and some of its partners supported Entremo with a total investment of 500,000 euro. Six months later, they launched their first product in collaboration with a Hungarian Hospital.

Learning to bridge technology with business, isn’t just convenient when you start your tech business, it is also a much-wanted skill in any business around the world nowadays. “The industry needs people who understand the new emerging technologies, and also know how to use these technologies in business. We prepare our students on these needs. Our students are therefore very much wanted on the labor market, not just in Europe, but around the world.” says Roberto Prieto, Chief Education Officer at EIT Digital.

Giovanni Ferronato experienced that as well. He easily found a job while still graduating. As part of his master program Cyber Security, he had completed an internship at Deloitte and now works there as cybersecurity consultant. “I found the program amazing. There was a combination of studying cybersecurity, doing that abroad and it was affordable. This was the right decision to take. The double degree makes the education very valuable for the job market.”

Benjamin Olayinka, born in the United States, had a similar experience, just after graduation. “A EIT Digital classmate called me to say that the company he worked for, The Things Industries, that builds end-to-end secured LoRaWAN networks to manage low power internet of things devices, was looking for someone for embedded development. After some talks, the company was more interested in me as a technical
writer. So, now I am a Technical Writer. It is a cool company, based in the Netherlands, but I work remotely from Berlin.” After finishing his Bachelor of Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, at the Northern Arizona University Olayinka worked for a few years for a government
agency doing electronics. “After two years of working the job that I did not like, I wanted to get out. I just travelled to my best friend in Berlin, in Germany intending to start a masters in Germany. My friend recommended the EIT Digital Master School instead. I applied and got
accepted.” In hindsight, this was the “best experiences in my life”, says Olayinka. “What comes up especially is the community. I realise that the best time I had is with people.  It is not about what you did, but with whom you did it. This is why the EIT Digital Master School stands out from other master studies: it facilitates ways to spend time with each other. You study at two different places, in two different cities and all the surrounding elements in the education, like the EIT Digital Summer School makes the EIT Digital Master School incredible. As American, we have everything in our country, we don’t take the time to wonder what is out there. If you do go on this adventure, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out what it could be like somewhere else.”

Meantime Olayinka is also developing a robot to make his dream come true: building robots to collect plastic from the streets and to recycle this plastic to reuse for building roads or building more trash eating robots. “We messed up the world and need to find solutions.” he said.

At the time of graduation, it is anticipated that the EIT Digital Master School students are employed, have started their own company or are continuing their education in PhD-programs. Keira Soutar, who lived in the United States, Australia, Germany and Canada, graduated from the EIT Digital Master School did the latter. She started a PhD position on innovation management at LUT University in Helsinki. She says that her EIT Digital experience has helped her push her application forward. “Having been part of EIT Digital is a step forward in understanding the innovation, technology and the entrepreneurship side of things. This is not something that people in the technology world necessarily have.” Right after graduating from the Human Computer Interaction and Design Program, Soutar helped build SmartSound Home, a company that started as an EIT Digital innovation activity with Tampere University and several Swedish organizations.

Within the EIT Digital Master School students can choose from eight technical Master School programs. These are: Autonomous Systems, Cloud and Network Infrastructures, Data Science, Cyber Security, Digital Manufacturing, Embedded Systems, Fintech, and Human Computer Interaction and Design. The programs can be followed throughout Europe within the network of 18 top tech universities and research and industry partners across Europe. By studying at EIT Digital, students are part of a unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, researchers and alumni across the whole of Europe.

Current and alumni students say the EIT Digital Master School is more than just a master. They praise the strong community and the close connections with the industry which they can benefit from. “The EIT Digital Master School provides a wide network with different companies, different schools and even different students around the world,” says Human Computer Interaction and Design student Hau-ben Benjamin Shih. “That is something you probably would not get if you attend other master’s schools. They don’t have that strong connection with the industry like we
have at EIT Digital.”

The industry connection is for example visible at the EIT Digital Summer School. A two-week program where the students can deep dive into the world of digital finance, digital cities, digital wellbeing, digital industry or digital tech by learning about these areas, going to businesses, and
working on a real-life business case from the EIT Digital partners. The solutions provided by the students are often used by the partners who provided the business case or challenge. “We are so proud that our solution will be used in real life,” proudly mention Marta Bertran Ferrer, an EIT Digital Master School student from Cloud and Network Infrastructures program. The 2020 Summer School Digital Wellbeing challenged her and her teammates to come up with a solution on how to reach kids using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques in order to fight childhood obesity. She pitched a lunchbox connected to a mobile game. The business case owner liked the solution so much that he announced he will use it in his company.

The wonderful news is, the EIT Digital Master School is open to all students with a computer science or related bachelor around the world. Needless to say: all classes on the EIT Digital Master School are in English. If you want to grasp the opportunity to study at two of the top tech
universities in Europe, be part of a unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, researchers and alumni to become one of the future tech and business leaders, you should wait no longer and apply.

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