Some ideas for a socially distanced Valentine’s Day date

Illustration of two animals in different locations on their computers, holding a "Zoom date"
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Valentine’s Day is a holiday best spent with loved ones, usually of the romantic kind. But with the current pandemic, it might not be the best idea to meet up with somebody outside of your household. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate the holiday. You should go ahead and ask your crush or significant other if they’ll be your valentine. If they say yes, here are some safe date ideas. 

Order from the same chain restaurant

A romantic, shared dinner is a classic date, especially on Valentine’s Day. That can be more difficult if you’re social distancing from your date or are in a different state or country than your date. You can get close to that experience, though. One thing often bemoaned about chain restaurants is that they are the same no matter where you go. Why not use that to your advantage and order out from the same chain? It’ll be as if you two ordered from the same place and had a shared experience by picking from the same menu together.

Watch a movie using screen-share

Movie nights are another classic date night option. Lucky for you, they’re still possible, even during the time of the pandemic. It might be impossible to snuggle up with your significant other in person, but you can make fun of how bad the movie is together or laugh at the occasional good joke in the comedy.

Video chat by candlelight

There is something romantic about candles. That romantic feeling doesn’t disappear just because you’re on a video call. Set up the candles so there is plenty of light in the room and just talk by candlelight. You can even send each other scented candles and have your date guess what scents you sent them. It could be nice to just sit in that warm glow of candlelight and just spend time together. Things can still feel cozy, affectionate and warm — even if only through a screen.

Make future plans

Someday, the need for social distancing will end. It’d be nice to have plans with your date for when that happens. Imagine going on lavish vacations or eating a greasy, delicious diner together. The plans can be as serious or fantastical as you want them to be, and daydreams can help you escape the struggles of the current situation. Daydreaming may make you wish things were different, but sometimes, nostalgia for a reality that never was is just the romance you need for this Valentine’s Day that is unlike any other.

Go and make those plans with the person you want to be your valentine. Shoot your shot, and just maybe, you’ll be surprised. Hopefully, this list has given you plenty of ideas for that special Valentine’s Day date.

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