‘Tea’ you there: 5 steps to hosting a virtual Valentine’s Day tea party

Photo of Tea Party
PxHere/Creative Commons

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Do you ever wonder why Valentine’s Day is a thing, or do you rue the day of its creation? No matter where you stand on the spectrum of loving to hating Valentine’s Day, use it as an excuse to host a showstopping tea party for you and your loved ones. 

Choose your tea 

What are the best flavors for a tea party in the name of love? Probably something fruity, such as pomegranate green tea or a peach-flavored tea. Or perhaps something more soothing, such as chamomile tea, would also be a good choice. You can brew the tea at home and drop it off at your friends’ houses, or you could all make your tea and treats together over Zoom.

Acquire appetizers

Now that you have the tea brewing, it’s time to take care of the main entree. Or should I say, the twenty different bite-sized appetizers you’re meant to fill up on during the day. From my experience as a tea party connoisseur, I recommend you make small sandwiches and cut them into heart shapes. Don’t forget the croissants, mini cakes, fruit (a must for any meal), tarts, and pudding. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the tiny treats, which is understandable, pick them up from a local bakery. Delicious and easy. 

Presentation is everything

The key to any successful event is creating an atmosphere of celebration, and that is done through decoration. Of course, since your guests will only see whatever is behind you and your laptop camera, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort prettying it up. Put on a nice red or pink tablecloth and hang some fake (or real) pink or red flowers on a wall behind you, and you’re good to go. Arrange your various treats on nice plates and break out your finest tea set ( or your favorite mug). Don’t feel weird dressing up — this is a special occasion after all! 

Share the love and enjoy the party

What do you do during a tea party? Normally, we would chat, and you can still do that virtually, of course! Maybe you and your group want to play some fun games, such as Jackbox Games, skribbl.io or the virtual version of Cards Against Humanity (yes, this is real). And don’t forget to voice appreciation for your friends during our year in hell! 

A virtual tea party may not have the energy of an in-person one; however, it would be a fun experiment to try out with your loved ones (who will probably be delighted by your creativity). Have a fun and safe Valentine’s Day, and pinkies up, Bears!

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