There’s nothing not to love about this Valentine’s Day charcuterie board

Photo of candy charcuterie
Jackie Amendola/Staff

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Charcuterie boards are the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing way to present a mix of snacks. Though they traditionally include meats and cheeses, we at the Clog view them as a great way to get creative with textures and flavors and, of course, your favorite treats. Valentine’s Day might look a little different this year, but a sweet and colorful charcuterie board is always a good idea. Whether you’re making it for you and your significant other, mini boards or plates for a socially-distant gathering with friends or enjoying some treats alone this Valentine’s Day, here are some tips!

Add a chocolate river first

If you are unfamiliar with a charcuterie board “river,” it basically means picking something to flow across the entirety of your board diagonally, ideally curving like a river and giving you the base of the board to build around. Make sure you pick something aesthetically pleasing because the “river” will become the focal point of your board. We recommend small chocolates that are wrapped in Valentine’s Day colors to create your river, but do whatever feels right.

Add some other treats

While Valentine’s Day and chocolates always seem to go together, it’s important to add other candies and snacks to create some variety on your board. Find pink, red and white gummy candies, sour candies or others to add some flavor beyond chocolate. Keep each candy together in its own pile, but make sure to disperse the ones with similar flavors around the board.

Add a fresh component

With all the candy and chocolate, this board can become overly indulgent real quick. Adding some fresh fruit will take your board to the next level. We recommend buying or making some chocolate-covered strawberries because, duh. But if that’s not your style you can always do watermelon, raspberries or apples. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the fruit. It’s important to have the right balance of all these flavors to make it the best board possible. 

As you can see, charcuterie boards do not need to be complicated. Add whatever you like and have fun going to town while putting it all together. There’s something for everyone to love with this Valentine’s Day charcuterie board!

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