Editors’ note: Reintroducing The Soapbox

Welcome to the Soapbox photo of the city of Berkeley and the bay

The Daily Californian’s opinion department is at its very best when it serves as an incisive and powerful voice for the Berkeley community; when it becomes a megaphone for UC Berkeley students to share their insights with the public and to hold campus administration to account; when it acts as a platform for Berkeley residents to advocate for truth, equity and justice.

We here at the Daily Cal adore this city. And we know our readers do, too. Because Berkeley is more than just an array of streets and buildings. The city’s complex and inspiring history — along with the innovative, resilient, idiosyncratic people and places that have emerged from it — attach a certain weight to the name “Berkeley,” an aura that, for decades, has emanated far beyond the bounds set out for it.

To celebrate readers’ connections to this beloved city, the Daily Cal’s opinion department is launching a forum for readers to share their stories. The Soapbox will now be a place for Berkeley residents, UC Berkeley students and Daily Cal staff, past and present, to write 600-800 word essays about experiences or encounters they’ve had in the city of Berkeley. 

The only restriction is that your submission must be tied to Berkeley as a place. We want to hear about how the city has impacted you — how it has touched, disheartened, confounded or inspired. Soapbox submissions should highlight, through specific personal experience, what it means to be a Berkeley resident. They should also share some sort of political, social or cultural commentary, forwarding fresh perspectives on the city or the world.

We are confident there is a wealth of meaningful stories tucked away in the hollows of the city and the minds of all who live here. And we are excited and honored to provide a medium through which these stories can be told. 

Anybody who has ever called Berkeley home, as well as visitors on whom this city has made an enduring impact, are welcome to submit. Selected pieces will be published on our website on a rolling basis as determined by the opinion editors.

Contact the opinion desk at [email protected] or follow us on Twitter @dailycalopinion.

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