Berkeley expands COVID-19 vaccination eligibility based on occupation

Lisi Ludwig/File
According to a Berkeley press release, the city has expanded employment-based eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination. Individuals who register for a vaccination employment will not be asked about immigration status or mandated to have medical insurance in order to be vaccinated, according to the release.

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In an effort to accelerate the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, Berkeley expanded vaccination eligibility Monday to include grocery and convenience store workers, in-person educators and child care providers.

Individuals who fit into any of these groups, along with those age 65 years or older, can register for appointments from Feb. 17 to Feb. 20 at the Buchanan Street vaccination site, according to a city press release. Those who register will not be asked about immigration status or required to have medical insurance to receive the vaccine, the release added.

Employment-based eligibility also includes those who provide in-person child care in an informal setting, such as nannies, and health care workers or in-home caregivers.

Individuals receiving vaccinations on the basis of employment will be required to provide documentation, according to the release. Seniors and disabled individuals can call Easy Does It Emergency Services to schedule transportation to appointments for a fee of $15.

In addition to the Buchanan Street vaccination site, individuals at least 65 years old and health care workers can schedule vaccinations at local CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid locations, the release stated.

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