COVID-19 vaccination to open for eligible Californians under age 65

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According to a press released by the California Department of Public Health, individuals ages 16 to 64 with certain health conditions will soon be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. The list of conditions is subject to change and updates as scientific evidence continues to come in.

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As the race to vaccinate continues, the California Department of Public Health, or CDPH, will soon open COVID-19 vaccine distribution to people ages 16 to 64 with underlying health conditions.

Beginning March 15, health care providers may vaccinate people in this age cohort who are deemed to be at a high risk of mortality from COVID-19 due to certain health conditions, according to a CDPH press release Friday. As such, California will become one of a handful of states to open vaccine distribution to people under 65.

Conditions for eligibility include immunocompromised states of cancer, chronic kidney disease at stage four or above, chronic pulmonary disease, heart conditions, pregnancy and sickle cell disease, the press release states.

The decree will also open vaccine eligibility to people with disabilities if at least one of three conditions apply.

Namely, if the individual is likely to develop life-threatening illness from COVID-19, if the disease will limit the person’s access to ongoing care that is crucial to their survival or if providing timely COVID-19 care will be uniquely challenging to that individual, they can be vaccinated, according to the press release.

As an outpour in scientific evidence ensues, the list of conditions is subject to change and may be regularly updated as supplies increase to continue on the state’s path to vaccinate all eligible populations.

As of press time, CDPH has not clarified how high-risk Californians will need to prove verification.

Check back for updates.

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