What 90s rom-com is your love life status?

Image from clueless

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Love is still in the air for golden bears! Take this quiz to find out what 90s rom-com describes your love life right now!

  1. Which of these describes the perfect gift for you?
    1. The latest pair of shoes
    2. Something shiny but sentimental, like a ring
    3. A pair of new sunglasses
    4. A piece of literature: plays, poetry or your favorite book
  2. Which one of these best describes your love language?
    1. Gifts and acts of service
    2. Quality time and physical touch
    3. Words of affirmation and acts of service
    4. Quality time and words of affirmation
  3. What do you look for in a partner?
    1. Preferably someone older and who I can learn from
    2. Someone who is willing to drop everything to be with me … our relationship comes first
    3. A best friend, but one that I can make it out of the friend zone with
    4. Anyone unlike all of those other idiots. And good music taste is a plus!
  4.  What is your ideal way of spending your day off?
    1. A shopping spree with my best friends
    2. Meeting my crush at a secret rendezvous spot
    3. Definitely getting ahead of my studies or work
    4. Probably alone in my room
  5. How do you hint to someone that you like them?
    1. I usually turn my flirt on, paired with a cute outfit, of course
    2. Completely profess my love for them!
    3. I mainly just wait around, sometimes even years, and won’t try anything until I see them with someone else
    4. I don’t — everyone has to earn my trust first before I even bother
  6. What scares you most about love?
    1. Crushing on the completely unexpected person
    2. Not being able to be with who I love
    3. The person I want falling for someone else
    4. Choosing the wrong person and not realizing until it’s too late
  1. You got … Clueless: You’re probably searching for love, but your standards are high. You want to make sure you don’t settle for just anyone. Remember that sometimes love is right in front of us, and lingering where we would least expect it.
  2. You got … Romeo & Juliet: A Shakespearian classic (and who can complain about staring at young Leonardo DiCaprio). While your love life may be complicated, one thing you can be sure of is that you’re head over heels for them. Obstacles may try and get in the way, but you know your love prevails.
  3. You got … My Best Friend’s Wedding: The classic and tragic unrequited love story. While you might have an idea of who you want to be with, that isn’t always who you’re supposed to be with.
  4. You got … 10 Things I hate About You: You’re a bit stubborn when it comes to love and relationships. It’s understandable because you know how people can be. But, don’t be afraid to open yourself back up again!


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