Power ranking activities to try with your roommates

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Ryan Kendrick/Staff

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This pandemic can feel isolating, even if you’re quarantining with other people. If you’re not an essential worker, likely the only people you have daily face-to-face interactions with are your housemates. Even nearly a year into the shutdown, there’s still plenty of fun you and your housemates can have together, and there are tons of activities you can do to get your socializing in. However, some are better than others. So, for your benefit, here’s a power ranking of activities to do with your roommates.

  1. Talk to each other 

A simple thing you can do with your roommates is just to have a casual conversation with them. Ask them what shows they’ve watched recently or if they have a professor they’d like to complain about. It’s a low-effort way to get some face-to-face socializing in. This isn’t higher on the list, however, because it’s rather simple and can fall flat. There’s a chance you have nothing to talk about, and things just become awkward.

  1. Watch a movie 

Just because movie theaters are closed doesn’t mean you can’t get some popcorn and soda and watch a movie you’ve never seen before. Doing it with roommates just makes it more of an event. It also gives you all something to talk about afterward, which is an added plus. It can take a lot of time, however, which can make it a bit tricky to schedule. That’s why it’s only number four on the list.

  1. Go on a hike 

Going “out” with friends can still happen these days. You just have to do it in the great outdoors instead of in a crowded club. Even if that doesn’t sound very appealing to you, it is an excuse to get out of your small living space for a change of scenery. Getting some sunlight and fresh air is another benefit.

  1. Play a board game

This is a great way for you to get some social interaction and have fun at the same time. Playing a board game might just become your and your housemates’ favorite bonding activity. It’s a chance for both friendly competition or skillful cooperation. This doesn’t top the list because if you or your roommates are too competitive, it can just make things awkward. If that isn’t the case, however, then it should make for a fun and relaxed evening activity.

  1. Cook together

There is one activity that gets everyone working together and results in something everyone can enjoy: cooking. As long as your kitchen is big enough, cooking together can be a fun and delicious way to bond with your roommates. It’s also an excuse to try a more complicated recipe — if everyone works together, it should turn out great. In short, cooking is close to the perfect activity to do with your roommates.

Now go and ask your roommates if they want to try anything on this list. After all, it could be a great way to start a conversation.

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