UC Berkeley updates enrollment system, releases new features

Photo of new CalCentral enrollment page
Matt Gibson/Staff

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UC Berkeley released new enrollment and class searching features Feb. 14 to enhance the function and ease the use of its student enrollment process.

Student Information Systems, or SIS, is responsible for the development of CalCentral, according to the SIS website. The system features a series of tiles, including ones for class search and enrollment, swapping classes and a schedule planner, according to Barbara Mueller, program director of the campus SIS Phase 2 project.

Mueller said this timing allows for current students to use the features for summer class enrollment. She added that new students enrolling in fall 2021 will only use the new system.

“Current students will also find an improved user experience,” Mueller said in an email. “Though we do appreciate that current or returning students will need to spend a bit of time adapting to the new user interface.”

The updated enrollment process allows students to utilize a variety of search filters, as well as a step-by-step tutorial to guide them through the process, Mueller added.

Qiara Coleman, a campus junior and transfer student, said the new enrollment system was an improvement because it simplified the enrollment process. She added that before, she would have to open multiple tabs to find classes and then enroll.

“As a transfer student from a community college, I was used to a completely different enrollment portal,” Coleman said in an email. “This new system is definitely an improvement because now everything is more streamlined and in one place, similar to my former school’s portal.”

Coleman said, however, that she thought the design of the class searching feature made the page difficult to navigate.

Campus registrar Walter Wong said when UC Berkeley purchased its SIS several years ago, it saw a prototype for an updated version of the system. Wong added that campus was eager to share the new prototype with students once it was completed.

“Helping students navigate the enrollment process as easily and efficiently as possible is an important goal of ours,” Wong said in an email.

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