A playlist for when you want to put your headphones on and tune out the world

Image of man listening to music
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This semester is already turning into another disaster. Zoom classes are exhausting, being cooped inside is lonely and tiring, not being able to see friends is difficult — this list could go on forever. But if you think about it, why spend your time complaining about something you can’t change? Classes are going to be remote for the rest of the semester and the pandemic isn’t going to magically disappear tomorrow. So instead of grunting and pouting, let’s figure out more ways to recharge and press the reset button in our brains. Every day, even if only for a few minutes, take time to “tune out the world” and be with just yourself and music.

Some of you may be thinking that you’ve already tuned out the world since the pandemic started, but if you aren’t one of those folks, this playlist is for you. It’s filled with songs that put a smile on your face. Whether you want to chill at your desk or dance around like crazy in your room, these songs are for either occasion.

“Breathe” by Feder

Sometimes I just feel like dancing and letting out all my stress and moving around in my room where no one can witness my uncoordinated dance moves. This dance-pop song has a techno beat which lets me do just that!

“Just Friends” by Hayden James ft. Boy Matthews

This song is also a must for when you are in the mood to dance, but it’s an entirely different song when you have your headphones in. The vibes of this song bring back the butterflies you got from your last crush, so it’s guaranteed to take your mind off school and work!

“Overthinker” by INZO

Combining an electronic beat with deep thoughts on life, this piece goes up and down throughout. “Overthinker” definitely helps me reset when I feel like I have a lot of weight on my shoulders. The lyrics contain the words of philosopher Alan Watts, which remind me of life’s bigger picture and to take a step back — something I would say we golden bears should do more often.

“The End” by Petit Biscuit

I cannot even begin to describe my feelings about this song. The combination of sounds makes the absolute coolest beat. If you wanted to be dramatic, you could argue that this song transports you to another world with how mysterious and thrilling the beat is.

“Lantern (Radio Edit)” by Les Gordon

Another techno beat that lets your mind escape into another world, leaving your worries behind while you listen.

“Nevermind” by Dennis Lloyd

This song cannot possibly leave you in a bad mood. It’s one of those tunes you’ve probably heard before but may not know the name of because every time it comes up, you’re always too busy soaking it all in.

“Save the Bees” by sourfruit

This one is a bit slower than some of the others on this playlist, but it’s a perfect addition to this playlist nonetheless. This song is one of those that I’m surprised isn’t more popular because of its easy-to-follow lyrics and fun vibe.

“All Stars” by Martin Solveig ft. ALMA

In order to tune out the world, you need to momentarily forget that it exists, and this song is perfect for helping you do so. A nice song to end the playlist with, you’re in a happy and relaxed mood when you walk away.

So, hit the recharge button — in this case, the play button — and listen to some good tunes while you take some time to forget the world and reset your mood.



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