Power ranking different types of bread

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One thing to know before reading this article is — in the wise words of Oprah Winfrey — I love bread. Bread is truly one of man’s best creations. It goes with just about anything and everything, and it even tastes good on its own. It is a miracle food, coming in all shapes and sizes and tasting delicious in any form. In truth, I could go on about bread for ages. But which type of bread is the best? After thorough and meticulous research, I have come up with a completely objective ranking of the most common types of bread. The following ranking, I’m afraid, is not up for debate. 

5. Wheat bread

The last spot on today’s ranking easily goes to wheat bread. In complete honesty, wheat bread is the worst kind of bread. It has a strange grainy and mushy texture and the taste of it is very overpowering. What makes bread so great is its versatility, but wheat bread only tastes remotely good with peanut butter and jelly, and not much else. No, thank you!

4. White bread

White bread is an interesting bread. Not because it has complex flavors or is made in a special way, but because it happens to taste just fine, without having any particularly great flavor. White bread is the kind of bread that absorbs other flavors together without actually contributing anything on its own. While it works for grilled cheese or French toast, so does almost any other type of bread. What makes grilled cheese and French toast great is the cheese and maple syrup — definitely not the white bread. 

3. Sourdough bread

Personally, sourdough is my favorite, but it is not for everyone. Sourdough bread is the first bread on this list with a distinct flavor. Although it does not go well with every food, sourdough bread amps up the flavor of the foods it pairs with. Sourdough bread is good with soups or for BLTs, and its slightly bitter flavor and soft texture make it perfect for butter. 

2. Brown bread

I’m referring to the warm, sweet brown bread served at The Cheesecake Factory or most steakhouses. Now, I do not mean to exaggerate when I say this, but I can eat this bread all day. With its soft and warm consistency and slightly sweet taste, this brown bread is very different from its wheat counterpart. I am not sure exactly what you would pair with this besides fluffy honey butter, which is why it gets second place, but I’m sure it would go great with anything. This bread tastes like what all bread should aspire to be.

1. Bagels

This should come as no surprise to all my bread connoisseurs. Bagels are, by far, the superior bread. Bagels can come in any flavor — from savory to sweet — and can be paired with anything, from cream cheese to peanut butter. This alone makes them the best bread. However, that is not all. Bagels have the perfect consistency: slightly crunchy on the outside, yet soft and chewy on the inside. The added plus is that they are easy and fun to bake. All you have to do is boil and bake the dough!

Although not everyone will find this list perfect, I hope it can give you more appreciation for types of bread in general. They are all great in their own way (except wheat bread, of course). 

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