Berkeley police arrest suspect on suspicion of robbery, kidnapping

A suspect was arrested by Berkeley Police Department on suspicion of committing assault, robbery, kidnapping and brandishing a weapon. The suspect was identified as a 59-year-old man.

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On Tuesday morning, at a gas station on the southwest corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and University Avenue, a woman who was walking was blocked by a suspect who allegedly grabbed her by the neck, according to a Berkeley Police Department Nixle alert.

The suspect, identified as a 59-year-old man, proceeded to put the woman in a chokehold and drag her near garbage bins behind the gas station, according to the alert. The woman later dropped her purse and was able to break free and seek help.

When a bystander went to retrieve the stolen purse, the suspect chased after them with a knife until tripping over the University Avenue center median, the alert added.

Upon arriving on the scene, officers took the suspect into custody and found a folding knife and a glass smoking pipe, which is generally used to smoke methamphetamine, according to the alert.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of brandishing a weapon, committing assault with a deadly weapon, committing robbery and kidnapping.

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