Student Action announces second slate of candidates for ASUC Senate

The Student Action party has named Samantha Coffey (top right), Muzamil Ahmad (top left), Ashley Rehal (bottom left) and Adrianna Ngo (bottom right) as candidates for the ASUC Senate.

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The Student Action party announced its second slate for ASUC Senate candidacy Wednesday evening for the upcoming ASUC elections.

Student Action, the party that historically represents the Greek and Jewish communities and engineering students, has named Samantha Coffey, Muzamil Ahmad, Ashley Rehal and Adrianna Ngo as candidates for the ASUC Senate.

As a campus junior and molecular and cell biology major, Coffey is using her platform to focus on the overall wellness and camaraderie of Greek life and to raise awareness for mental health, especially amid a pandemic. She is currently the ASUC Greek affairs chief of staff.

“While some students are privileged enough to have a quiet space to work, many of us have struggled to meet Cal’s demanding expectations in the face of near constant distractions of family and friends in the house, natural disasters, power outages, and the threat of getting sick any time you leave the house,” Coffey said in an email.

If elected, Coffey said she will use her position to increase mental health resources for students and to ensure that they are equitably divided.

Ahmad, a campus junior majoring in microbial biology, is running on a platform that centers primarily on holding the ASUC accountable for representing the needs of all students, and increasing both affordability and accessibility by listening to and standing with students on social issues.

“Every student has the right to reach their full potential and no financial limitation should ever be a barrier,” Ahmad said in an email. “In addition, students should know that I am someone who will uplift and support the voice of our student population on social justice issues by standing alongside them.”

He added that his past experience as the ASUC Office of the President’s director of basic needs has allowed him to produce “effective and positive change.”

Rehal, a campus sophomore majoring in political science, holds a platform that aims to represent the South Asian community as well as the Berkeley Dance Community while also advocating for student wellness and mental health.

“My faith, Sikhism, has instilled in me a value that I cherish immensely: seva,” Rehal said in an email. “Seva means selfless service. It means dedicating your time to making a positive difference within your community. It means serving your community and your people before serving yourself. It is seva that inspires me everyday and it is seva that inspired me to run.”

If elected, Rehal noted that she would emphasize working alongside leaders to foster community growth.

Ngo, a campus sophomore on the pre-law track majoring in environmental economics and policy, is running on a four-prong platform that centers on enhancing mental health resources, especially for the pre-law community, decreasing barriers to entry for business students, increasing student safety and promoting transparency.

“No one deserves to feel lost or unsupported at Cal, there is such a diverse group of students at UC Berkeley and because of that, there are so many opportunities to uplift different communities,” Ngo said in an email. “Being a Senator allows me to engage in these opportunities and help all students at Cal.”

ASUC elections will be held virtually from April 5 to 7.

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