Why I love having a cat

Photo of cat
Sam Albillo/File

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I can 100% say that I’m a cat person. There’s nothing like having a furry little guy to cuddle (or claw) you. I’ve been home even more than usual, and it’s allowed me to really appreciate my pets, especially my cat, who is always on his best behavior — everything he does makes me extremely happy.

For instance, I know my cat loves me when I wake up to freshly devoured plants. In my many attempts to become a plant person or treat myself to a bundle of Trader Joe’s tulips, he always reminds me how much he cares about me by tearing the greens to shreds. Whether they’re on a high windowsill or decorating my computer desk, my cat makes it a point to tear through my plants as what I can assume is only a thank you for taking care of him.

Another thing that my sweet feline friend does that really makes me happy is when he manages to weasel his way onto my laptop. Racing to meet a deadline? Trying to have a professional Zoom meeting? No worries. My cat will always find his way over to my keyboard and make sure to press some buttons and flash his tail. I’m just immensely grateful to have him add typos for me because it really keeps me on my toes. 

Last but not least, and one of the most important reasons we get pets — he never lets me feel alone. Sometimes, he perches himself under my bed, and when I think I’m alone he swipes his claws across my ankles. Or in the middle of the night when most people have the freedom to stretch on an otherwise empty bed, I have my cat. My uncomfortable positioning with little to no room while he takes up most of the space is just another indication that I have a companion by my side at all times. 

Lucky for me, I get to experience all the pleasures of having a cat every day! From mourning the death of my plants, to swatting him away from my workspace or putting myself through pain for his amusement and comfort, it’s no surprise that I’m a cat person. It’s even hard to believe that other people aren’t!

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