Aggravated assault with metal pipe, wooden stick occurs at People’s Park

Yellow tape reading "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" over a road, white, red, blue lights can be seen in the blurred background.
Daniel Kim/File
According to an email sent out by UCPD, a victim was allegedly assaulted at People’s Park by two unidentified suspects. The victim was later sent to the hospital in order to receive medical treatment.

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UCPD reported an aggravated assault that occurred Monday morning at People’s Park in which the victim was hit with a metal pipe and wooden stick.

At 9:20 a.m., the victim was allegedly assaulted by two unidentified suspects and was later sent to the hospital to receive medical treatment, according to a UCPD email. According to the email, the victim was unable to provide accurate descriptions of the two suspects.

As of press time, the only information UCPD was able to gather was that the suspects were one Black male and one white male. The email asks anyone with information related to the case to contact UCPD at 521-642-6760.

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