Cal Cooking Chronicles: Reinventing the viral TikTok feta pasta

Image of feta and tomatoes
Phil Roeder/Creative Commons

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If you haven’t heard “try the viral TikTok pasta” yet, this is your sign to try it! All it takes is cherry tomatoes, a block of feta, olive oil and some seasoning of your choice (think garlic, shallots, lemon zest, crushed red pepper or thyme). Even if you aren’t a fan of either of the primary ingredients separately, when you bake them together, they become a delicious, creamy sauce that is the perfect mesh of flavors. It might be the easiest recipe known to humans, and even though it’s famous for pairing with pasta, there are many other dishes it would pair well with. Here are some other meals to try this famous sauce with.


The creamy, refreshing tomato cheese sauce is an amazing topping for chicken. It can totally transform your boring chicken breast into a whole other dish. Plus, you can simply plop the entire meal in the oven, making for a no-fuss cooking process and an even easier clean up process. 

For the sauce

Put a small carton of cherry tomatoes in one baking dish and squeeze your block of feta in the center, spreading the tomatoes around it. Drizzle the entire dish with olive oil and any seasoning you desire. 

For the chicken

Put your chicken breast or thighs on another baking dish and drizzle with the same olive oil and seasonings.

At 350 F, bake the chicken for 25 mins and the sauce for 35 minutes or until the cheese has some crisp spots. Crush the cherry tomatoes with a fork, then mix them together with the creamy feta and serve on top of your chicken.


While this may seem a little odd, when you add this sauce in with your rice, it actually ends up creating a super unique, creamy, risotto-like dish. This is simple and customizable — you can add protein or veggies to make this a super balanced meal! 

For the sauce

Same as above. 

For the rice

I buy microwavable jasmine rice to make this dish seriously so easy, but you can also cook any rice you want on a pot or in a rice cooker.

Mix the sauce in with the rice, and you will be in for a decadent dish that is seriously easy to make!

This tomato and feta sauce is so college-chef friendly. It uses minimal ingredients, and you just throw it in the oven to make it come together. This sauce can elevate any dish, so get creative with it as we did here: It doesn’t have to just go on pasta!

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