Checking in on my 2021 New Year’s resolutions 2 months later

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It’s been two months, two weeks and two days since January first. What does this mean? It means I’ve mostly forgotten about my New Year’s resolutions, and you probably forgot yours too. You shouldn’t be beating yourself up over it, but now’s a good time to think about why you wrote down that resolution in the first place. Is it something you still want to improve on? Will it give you a better sense of pride, achievement and peace? While you mull that over, we can take look at how I’ve been slacking off on mine, and, hopefully, we can all agree that we’re just human after all, and we’ll try again next time.

Develop better handwriting

Thank the heavens for typing because you don’t want to see my chicken scratch. This probably means I’m not doing so hot in this department, huh? Oops.

Use lotion every day

While I can’t say I’ve been lotioning every day since Jan. 1, I’ve at least done most days. This is the rare example of a resolution that I actually think twice about before skimping off on.

Exercise daily

This is one that I’ve kind of held onto. I realize I should probably remove “daily” from all resolutions. That word is set up for us to fail.

Minimize coffee and sugar (and alcohol)

Alcohol is in parentheses because I don’t really drink in the first place. But boy oh boy do I like my morning almond latte. Therefore, I’ve been doing better than I expected in the sugar department, but very poorly in the coffee department. I blame all of the work I have to get done.

Wake up earlier

Weirdly enough, I’ve also been doing well here. The key to getting up early for those who don’t prefer mornings is to have to wake up. Simply sign up for an 8 a.m. — problem solved!

Get yourself together

I really don’t know what I meant here, so I can’t tell you how I’ve been doing with it. I probably was not very “together” when I wrote this. Note to my past self, it’ll get better, kind of.

Consume more media (movies, specifically)

I specified movies here. Why did I not write “news” as most people would? I have so many questions for my past self. Now the world can see how I adult. Which is not adulting, apparently.

Build stronger friendships

I’m glad I didn’t put “make new friends” because I would’ve failed at that — whoops. Whether my friendships have become stronger I would say is debatable, but hey, at least I’m trying!

Seek minimalism

This one is kind of difficult to measure, but I realized that being at home all the time has made me a bit trigger-happy when it comes to online shopping. Knowing that I’ll soon be moving is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to trying not to buy things. Blessing — the need to fit everything in a box. Curse — the possibility to start “anew” with … every physical item possible.

Keep these habits

Well, to keep some of these, I’ll have to form them in the first place, but I don’t think it’s half a bad resolution to have. That’s like having a double whammy when you break one of your resolutions after you’ve been doing well consecutively and consistently.

I think I have hit about half of my New Year’s resolutions without much thought, which is honestly better than I expected. Am I happy as is? I’d say no since there’s always more room for improvement. Am I mad at myself for not sticking more closely to my plans? I’d say also no since burnout would be inevitable if I were to keep the list next to me always. So how is it going? It’s going well — as well as well as a human can do. And maybe, just maybe, in two months, two weeks and two days from now, I’ll feel more proud, achieved and peaceful, whether or not I’ve checked more boxes off this list. And maybe, just maybe, you will too!

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