Editor’s Note: The Daily Cal launches Earth to Berkeley

A photo of a peaceful park and the text "The Daily Cal launches Earth to Berkeley"
Photo by David McAllister

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We don’t need to explain the magnitude of the climate crisis and the dire need to protect our planet and our people. It’s clear and present in every part of our lives. This is why The Daily Californian is launching the Earth to Berkeley blog, a subsection of our blog department — our goal is to start a conversation centering environmental justice and activism.

We’re creating a space to introduce environmental concepts and research, highlight the amazing environmental work being undertaken by activists on our campus and provide sustainable living tips. We intend to explore these topics through an intersectional lens, recognizing that mainstream environmentalism has often excluded the voices of marginalized people. In presenting this information in a blog style, we hope to make it accessible and inspirational to a broad audience. For now, Earth to Berkeley will be published under the Daily Clog, but we look forward to it finding its own home on our website soon.

Peace, love, Clog.