Aditya Varma for executive vice president

Photo of Aditya Dev Varma

Executive vice president, or EVP, is not the most glamorous executive position in the ASUC, but that doesn’t diminish its importance. The excitement Aditya Varma, a seasoned ASUC leader, clearly has for the job ahead makes him an excellent candidate for EVP.

An EVP must balance dual responsibilities — overseeing the machinery of the ASUC while also working as a conduit between students and administration. Endorsed by the South Asian community, Varma has experience in both of these fields, having served as vice chair of the ASUC Better Elections Reform Committee and as the current legislative director for EVP Melvin Tangonan. 

While the EVP remains deeply embedded in internal ASUC structure, Varma has not closed himself off from external voices and perspectives. Just the opposite: He has emphasized the importance of growing support for ASUC platforms and policies among broad campus communities. This goal has materialized most explicitly in Varma’s proposal to create an ASUC Advisory Council that would bring registered student organizations into conversation with ASUC executives on issues of resources and space. Not only would this council elevate community voices directly within the ASUC — an equitable and inclusive approach to representation — but it would also form a solidarity among students that often crumbles under the pressure of lacking space and funding. 

In his interview, Varma made a point to acknowledge the difficulty of this past year for thousands of UC Berkeley students. His enthusiastic approach to legislative reform — to push for radical change and settle at or beyond the spot he realistically hoped to reach — is just the kind of bold advocacy that students will need most as we navigate a hopeful return to campus next fall.

Vote Aditya Varma for executive vice president.

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