All UC employees eligible for COVID-19 emergency paid sick leave

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Under the UC's emergency paid sick leave, or EPSL, allotment, full-time UC employees may use up to 80 hours of EPSL. All UC employees will be able to take up to a two-week equivalent of EPSL hours.

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An allotment of emergency paid sick leave, or EPSL, is available for use by any UC employee through Sept. 30 for COVID-19 relief.

Employees, including those exclusively represented by a union, will be able to use up to a two-week equivalent of hours, with full-time employees able to take up to 80 hours of EPSL. During EPSL, employees will continue to receive their regular rate of pay.

The university will continue to grant EPSL to employees if they are unable to work because they are undergoing a quarantine order, self-quarantining, seeking a diagnosis after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, caring for an individual under quarantine order, caring for a child whose school has closed due to COVID-19 or experiencing a similar condition specified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The 2021 EPSL will also be available to those who are waiting for the results of a diagnostic test or a medical diagnosis after being exposed to COVID-19 or asked by the university to obtain a test. Employees obtaining immunization related to COVID-19 and those recovering from receiving a vaccine will also be able to request EPSL.

Employees who took leave related to COVID-19 between Jan. 1 and March 28 may submit a retroactive request to use EPSL. EPSL that are in progress as of Sept. 30 will be allowed to finish the amount of time the individual is entitled to receive.

To request EPSL, an employee should speak to their supervisor or submit a completed 2021 EPSL request form to their supervisor.

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