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Gabriel Alfaro for transfer representative

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APRIL 05, 2021

The next transfer representative will be only the second in ASUC history to hold the position after it was established in 2019. Because the office is so new — and because it helps fill significant gaps in resources and representation for transfer students at UC Berkeley — the job of the transfer representative is a crucial one. Gabriel Alfaro is well-poised to continue the work Valerie Johnson, current transfer representative, has done to advocate on behalf of transfer students campuswide.

Having attended community college before transferring to UC Berkeley, Alfaro holds firsthand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of support systems available to transfer students in California. He also has extensive experience in student government, both in the ASUC and as a legislative advocate for community college students statewide.

But Alfaro has made it clear that this knowledge will not lead to unilateral decision-making. Instead, he has emphasized the importance of listening to the needs of the entire transfer community at UC Berkeley — a promise that he has backed up with promising ideas, including the development of a transfer student caucus. While his specific plans for implementing such a representative body could be more developed, Alfaro’s passion and dedication is apparent.

Because the transfer representative is such a new position, capacity for innovation can be just as, if not more, important than institutional knowledge or concrete policy action. The transfer representative should be somebody with fresh and creative visions for what the position can be and do in the ASUC. Alfaro’s visions for strengthening connections between current UC Berkeley transfer students and California community college students, as well as expanding housing opportunities for transfer students on campus, seem particularly inspired.

With Alfaro, transfer students will have a representative with a little bit of everything. 

Vote Gabriel Alfaro for transfer representative.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the editorial board as written by the spring 2021 opinion editor, Jericho Rajninger.

APRIL 05, 2021