Quiz: What does your style of to-do list say about you?

Image of to-do list
Momoka Sasaki/Staff

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As we reach the final stretch of the semester, assignments start to pile up and things get a little bit hectic, to say the least. Chances are, your to-do lists are becoming more important than ever. Take this quiz to figure out what the way you make your to-do list says about you!


  1. How do you bullet your lists?
    1. Classic numbers.
    2. Bold-circle bullets.
    3. Empty check boxes.
    4. Simple dashes.
  2. Where do you write your to-do lists?
    1. On my phone’s notes app.
    2. In my planner.
    3. On a random sheet of paper.
    4. On my computer.
  3. What writing utensil do you use to write your lists?
    1. Pencil.
    2. Black pen.
    3. A couple colorful pens.
    4. A million colored markers.
  4. What would you do if you lost your to-do list midday?
    1. Completely melt down.
    2. Re-create the whole thing, duh!
    3. Say, “Screw it,” and get whatever you remember done.
    4. Remake it with whatever tasks are left to be completed.
  5. How do you reward yourself if you get everything on your to-do list done? 
    1. Watch my favorite Netflix show.
    2. Eat lots of treats.
    3. Spend as much time on TikTok as I want.
    4. Make plans with friends.
  6. How would you feel in someone saw your to-do list?
    1. Proud! My to-do list is awesome.
    2. I wouldn’t care.
    3. Embarrassed — that’s an inside look on my whole life.
    4. Excited! I hope my to-do list convinces others to make their own.
    1. You’re a master creator! Your vibrant to-do lists exemplify your creative soul — they’re a reflection of you! Your lists are never boring and make all of your tasks feel exciting. These are the lists that will inspire others to create their own or, at least, wish theirs could be as cool as yours.
    2. You’re a perfectionist! Your to-do lists showcase your attention to detail and keep everything in order. They show that you’ve truly mastered this list-making business. With your organized lists, you always stay on top of your tasks and get everything done!
    3. You’re a minimalist! Your to-do lists never feel too overwhelming and showcase only what needs to be done. While they may not be the most colorful or impressive, they show that by keeping everything simple and easy, you never let life get too crazy.
    4. You’re a chill-ister. Your to-do lists are more for jotting down thoughts instead of a hardcore, check box list. This keep things easy and lax — you write down the important things and make sure you don’t take anything too seriously.

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