Illustration of a map of the West Berkeley shellmound, with a hand trying to pull away the map from others

Preserve and restore West Berkeley Shellmound and Village Site

CITY AFFAIRS: Immeasurable cultural, religious significance of shellmound to Ohlone people should be reason enough to halt plans for development

Affordable housing can be built elsewhere; a 5000-year-old Indigenous burial site cannot. Ardent protest from Ohlone activists and allies has made this abundantly clear.
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Photo of Khristina Holterman

One step a-head

Sex on Tuesday

If his head game is weak, he better believe I’ll be matching it, and if his head game is nonexistent, as is often the case, mine will be, too.
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Megha Ganapathy mug

An ode to indulgent artists

Reading “difficult” novels trained me to exist in the moment, devoting every ounce of my attention to understanding the words in front of me. I no longer find my eyes flitting to dialogue, skimming past action lines to get to the end of the book.
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