My experience with Lady Gaga Oreos

Photo of Lady Gaga Oreos
Phillip Pessar/Creative Commons

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I love Oreos; they are my go-to road trip snack and my guilty pleasure, so when I saw that Lady Gaga (who I also adore) had released her own Oreos, I had to have them. With neon green creme in between two neon pink cookies, these Oreos literally epitomize the electric vibrancy that is Lady Gaga’s brand. The advertising and the subversive tactics that were used on my teeny, impressionable teenager brain worked.

However, it turns out that I was not the only one intrigued by these new Oreos. Practically every store in the entire county had sold out of these cookies. I even walked 2 miles just to discover that Safeway’s website had lied — it did not have these cookies in stock. Defeated by my multiple attempts to acquire these Oreos, I took to Amazon. I know it’s disappointing, but I was running out of time and I felt like I needed these cookies or else everything would fall apart. 

Two days later (thank you, Amazon Prime), the cookies arrived at my apartment and I rushed down to grab them. I was so eager to try these cookies and I did my best to ignore the reviews that had been released so that I could form my own opinion. I grabbed my roommate and forced her to try them with me. We even made a reaction video to share with our friends.

I’ve got to say that the cookies looked pretty cool — very vibrant and very fun. Until I took a bite. All the excitement that I had built up inside of me deflated. I was underwhelmed. They tasted exactly like the normal Golden Oreo. If you don’t know what those taste like, they’re basically just vanilla flavored. I expected so much more from not only Oreo but also Lady Gaga. There are so many unique flavors of Oreos and I guess I was just let down by the missed chance to make these cookies more special. Maybe it was the long-anticipated wait and the multiple letdowns, but I was very disappointed with the lack of creativity with the taste. Don’t get me wrong, the cookies still taste good, I just don’t think it’s worth going out of your way to walk to four different stores to find them, just to ultimately order them on Amazon because they’re sold out everywhere. 

I later learned that Lady Gaga released these Oreos to help advertise her new album “Chromatica,” which to be honest, I don’t think she really needed. I guess it was all part of a marketing tactic and of course, it worked on fans such as myself. But if you aren’t a fan, you might as well just buy the regular Golden Oreos.

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