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LIVE: Results from the 2021 ASUC general elections

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APRIL 09, 2021

Updated 4/22/21: This article has been updated to reflect that the Student Technology Fee Renewal and the Daily Cal Initiative did not pass. A campus rule states that 20% of eligible voters must vote, excluding abstentions, in order for the referendums to be considered, which both of these referendums did not meet. 

Updated 4/9/21 at 6:14 p.m.: The ASUC Elections Council postponed the tabulations ceremony until April 10 at 11 a.m. due to technical difficulties, according to an email sent at 6:10 p.m. Check back at this page tomorrow morning for elections results.

The Daily Californian will continually update this page as results from the 2021 general elections come in. The tabulations ceremony happened at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Voting was open April 5, 6 and 7 — due to a technical error, voting could not commence until 1 a.m. Monday, so the voting period was extended until 1 a.m. Thursday. All members of the campus undergraduate student body were able to rank their choices for all five executive seats, as well as the transfer student representative and up to 20 senate seats. Students were also able to vote on either three or four referendums, depending on if the student is an undergraduate or graduate student respectively.

On-campus voting remained closed for this election due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and all voting took place online.

This election season, there were three presidential candidates, one executive vice president candidate, two academic affairs vice president candidates, two external affairs vice president candidates and student advocate candidate. There was also one candidate for the transfer student representative position and 28 ASUC Senate candidates.

President: Chaka Tellem

After redistribution 

  • Chaka Tellem (ElevateCal)* — 1,434
  • Ronit Sholkoff (Student Action) — 909
  • Khwal Rafique (Independent) — 0

Executive Vice President: Aditya Varma

  • Aditya Varma (Student Action) — 1,240

Academic Affairs Vice President: James Weichert

  • Mateo Torrico (Student Action) — 1,065
  • James Weichert (Independent) — 1,147

External Affairs Vice President: Riya Master

  • Riya Master (Independent) — 1,093
  • Aasim Yahya (Independent) — 735

Student Advocate: Era Goel

  • Era Goel (Independent) — 1,061

Transfer Student Representative: Gabriel Alfaro

  • Gabriel Alfaro (ElevateCal)* — 1,030

Senate: 8 Independent, 8 Student Action, 4 ElevateCal*

  1. Gabrielle Sharp (Independent) — 153
  2. Amy Chen (Student Action) — 153
  3. Varsha Madapoosi (Independent) — 153
  4. Issabella Romo (ElevateCal)* — 153
  5. Muz Ahmad (Student Action) — 153
  6. Stephanie Wong (ElevateCal)* — 153
  7. Ashley Rehal (Student Action) — 153
  8. Jerry Xu (Student Action) — 153
  9. Adrianna Ngo (Student Action) — 153
  10. Amanda Hill (Independent) — 153
  11. Griselda Vega Martinez (Independent) — 153
  12. Elif Sensurucu (Student Action) — 153
  13. Sophie Morris (Student Action) — 133.9281
  14. Mehnaz Grewal (Independent) — 133.0797
  15. Jason Dones (ElevateCal)* — 131.9408
  16. Samantha Coffey (Student Action) — 130.0326
  17. Kalli Zervas (Independent) — 124.1984
  18. Osirus Polachart (Independent) — 122.9704
  19. Sammy Raucher (Independent) — 121.3555
  20. Dil Sen (ElevateCal)* — 107.7035

Student Technology Fee Renewal: FAILS

  • Yes — 6,240
  • No — 1,399
  • Abstain — 1,130

Protecting the Checks and Balances of the ASUC Constitution: PASSES

  • Yes — 6,636
  • No — 1,859
  • Abstain — 374

Graduate Assembly Fee: FAILS

This referendum did not meet the requirement of 20% of eligible voters.

  • Yes — 1,167
  • No — 190
  • Abstain — 165

The Daily Cal Initiative**: FAILS

  • Yes — 4,537
  • No — 2,367
  • Abstain — 1,883

For executive positions, if no candidate receives a majority of votes after first-rank choices are calculated, the first-rank votes for the candidates with the least number of votes are redistributed to the voter’s top remaining choice. The process continues until a winner emerges.

For senate positions, after a candidate reaches a certain quota, the tabulation program will not allocate any more votes to that candidate. The remaining votes for such candidates will be redistributed through a single transferable voting system until all 20 seats are filled.

*ElevateCal was not recognized as an official party, so all ElevateCal candidates appeared as independent on the ballot. It is a coalition the candidates recognize themselves running with. 

**The Daily Cal Initiative will partially fund the operations of The Daily Californian. The Daily Cal’s news staff were not involved in the planning or promotion of the referendum, apart from news senior staff writer Rachel Barber, who was the referendum’s campaign manager and recused herself from ASUC elections coverage. The Daily Cal’s Editorial Board also abstained from endorsing the referendum.

Amanda Bradford is the managing editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @amandabrad_uc.

APRIL 22, 2021