Did you tidy these spaces up for spring cleaning?

Image of medicine cabinet
Sarah Nichols/Creative Commons

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Spring season is not just known for allergies, but also spring cleaning! Typically when it comes to spring cleaning, people tidy up around the house. I like to completely flip my room upside down and reorganize, declutter and refresh my space. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I brought up some other places to clear up that we might not have thought of!

The medicine cabinet

Have you ever wondered when your favorite moisturizer expired? Or whether or not that Ibuprofen you occasionally use has an end date? Your medicine cabinet holds some of the most important items in your life, but do you even know if they’re still good for you? Expired medication can make you ill and expired beauty products can make you break out in hives. Medication and sunscreens will have a nice little date on their packaging, while other beauty products might give you a time frame (look for a tub with a number followed by an M that indicates how many months they’re suggesting). 

Your phone’s camera roll

Yes, this includes the screenshot of the mango fish taco recipe you screenshotted a year ago and still haven’t tried. I’m fully guilty of being a photo hoarder. This includes latte art inspiration, pictures of my cat from every possible angle imaginable and infographics I save to read later. My camera roll was just beginning to fill up more than 5,000 photos, but thanks to spring cleaning, I got it under control again. Go through your gallery and delete all the pictures and videos you don’t need. Feel the effects of decluttering in action! 

The infamous Google Drive

Let go of that midterm from two semesters ago! I know it’s hard. What if you need it one day? All those hours of typing and revising, just to be deleted in two clicks? It’s truly painful. But once I realized that the essay I wrote on how U.S. airplanes had low sanitation rankings for an American studies course will not be getting me a book deal anytime soon, deleting it was a lot easier. And a cleared-out Google Drive felt a lot easier to navigate and find what I needed.

The “everything drawer”

I know you have one. You know, the drawer where you put all of your random junk. Old film canisters, playing cards, probably an extra charger and sometimes, your car keys. It’s the drawer. But it’s time to clean it. While I’m still an advocate for the “everything drawer,” I admit that a good amount of things that get thrown in there should’ve just gone straight to the trash. Think of it this way — once you clean out the junk from your “everything drawer,” you have a fresh, new drawer where you can start to compile other miscellaneous items.

With the season change upon us, take some time to do some personal space change too by getting into the spring cleaning spirit!

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