ASUC Elections, Judicial Councils partially certify election results

Photo of Eshleman Hall
William Webster/Staff
Both the ASUC Elections Council and the ASUC Judicial Council approved the 2021 ASUC elected candidates at their respective meeting. The councils have yet to certify the referendums.

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The ASUC Elections Council and ASUC Judicial Council certified some of the ASUC election results for the 2021-22 academic year during their respective meetings Monday.

The Elections Council approved Chaka Tellem as president, Aditya Varma as executive vice president, James Weichert as academic affairs vice president, Riya Master as external affairs vice president, Era Goel as student advocate and Gabriel Alfaro as transfer representative.

The council further approved all 20 of the elected ASUC senators. The senate seats will be filled by Gabrielle Sharp, Amanda Hill, Griselda Vega Martinez, Mehnaz Grewal, Varsha Madapoosi, Osiris Polachart, Kalli Zervas, Sammy Raucher, Issabella Romo, Stephanie Wong, Jason Dones, Dil Sen, Elif Sensurucu, Ashley Rehal, Adrianna Ngo, Samantha Coffey, Muzamil Ahmad, Amy Chen, Sophie Morris and Jerry Xu.

During the meeting, which lasted five minutes, Elections Council chair Skyler-Myles Clinton Cobb motioned to add a public comment section to the meeting agenda, which was seconded by Chief Legal Officer Athalia Djuhana. No members of the public requested to comment, so there were no objections to the election results during the meeting.

Cobb added that the council still has to “square away” the referendums, which it will examine Monday.

“There were some incongruities between the actual university policy and the bylaws about how we count extensions, so we have some issues there,” Cobb said at the end of the meeting. “We’re working to ameliorate those, and as soon as it’s all done, we will have certain answers about what has passed and what hasn’t in the 2021 election.”

Later that evening during the Judicial Council meeting, the council certified the same results — executive officers, senators and transfer representative — through a roll call vote. All members of the council present voted in favor of their certification.

Judicial Council chair Chris Jin noted that the council would not certify any of the referendums during the meeting since the Elections Council had not yet certified them.

After voting, the council entered into a closed session and proceeded with its regular meeting. 

The Elections and Judicial councils will meet in the coming weeks to continue certifying the 2021 ASUC election results.

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