Tunesday: Celebrate 10 years of ‘Lemonade Mouth’ with these iconic Disney Channel Original Movie songs

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Alexander Hong/Senior Staff

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Time to determinate. Disney is known for its delightfully cheesy movies celebrating the power of friendship and music, but few of its films are as delightful or cheesy as “Lemonade Mouth.” From scoring detention in the music room basement to performing live at Madison Square Garden, five underdogs unite to become the breakout stars we didn’t know we needed. In honor of this cinematic masterpiece turning 10 years old this month, here are some of the best Disney Channel Original Movie tracks that changed our childhoods forever.

“She’s So Gone,” Naomi Scott (from “Lemonade Mouth”)

The latest generation might know Naomi Scott best as Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin,” but we’ll always remember her as the skillful bassist Mohini “Mo” Banjaree. Bridgit Mendler, who played Olivia White, was often in the spotlight as the band’s lead singer, but Mo finally got her chance to shine with her “She’s So Gone” solo. As much as we loved seeing her lousy ex gawk and realize his mistake while watching her incredible performance, “She’s So Gone” more importantly showcases Mo fall in love with performing.

“Hero,” Christopher Wilde (from “Starstruck”)

Oh to be Jessica Olson being serenaded by Christopher Wilde at an A-list party while hiding from paparazzi. A classic boy-meets-girl film sprinkled with a bit of stan culture, “Starstruck” is basically every boy band Wattpad fanfiction brought to life. While Olson was essentially a walking Y/N and “not like other girls” blueprint, the thing that struck us most about this film was Wilde’s enchanting performance of “Hero.” While Wilde’s other performances in “Starstruck” were rather overproduced, “Hero” was one of the few songs that actually felt honest and heartwarming.

“You Are The Music In Me — Sharpay’s Version,” Sharpay Evans (from “High School Musical 2”)

Every song from the “High School Musical” series is a bop, but one of the bops at the top of this franchise is “You Are The Music In Me.” And no, not the one Troy and Gabriella sing together — let’s talk about Sharpay’s version. Her frilly ultra-pop version of this song doesn’t get half the credit it deserves. Pulling out all stops at rehearsal with Troy, Sharpay pours her heart and soul into the performance like the talented diva she is.

“We So Fly,” The GGGG’s (from “Radio Rebel”)

Although obnoxious wannabe rockstar Gabe LaViolet existed mainly to contrast the film’s key love interest, his band’s surprisingly catchy music shines on the film’s soundtrack. “We So Fly” is the essence of Disney pop punk — it’s the hot mess “Don’t Ya Wish U Were Us” from “Lemonade Mouth” done right. “Radio Rebel” is best known for birthing the fluttery-eyed Debby Ryan meme, but the “We So Fly” by the GGGG’s is what should be remembered instead.

“Pose,” Stefanie Scott, Carlon Jeffery (from “Frenemies”)

The three-part film “Frenemies” had everything from Zendaya to Nick Robinson, science projects to fashion blogs and even a “time to switch places with this person who happens to look exactly like me” plotline. Tangled plotlines aside, the film concludes with a fun ensemble dance scene choreographed to the cutesy song “Pose.” The scene mainly exists as an excuse for the “Shake It Up!” costars to have a dance break, but it also lets “Pose” shine as a rather memorable dose of upbeat dance-pop. While the song checks all the boxes for a cheesy Disney soundtrack, Scott’s declaration to “stop… and pose!” is admittedly an important reminder that sometimes you just have to take a break and have fun.

“Let’s Get Crazy,” Hannah Montana (from “Hannah Montana: The Movie”)

It’s true that nobody’s perfect — except, obviously, Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus’ alter ego is the icon of Disney Channel’s past, and while her television show ended 10 years ago, her fantastic music lives on. Her bubbly songs truly represent the best of both worlds, centering around her thrilling double life as both a high school student and a pop superstar. As denoted by its not-so-subtle title, “Let’s Get Crazy” focuses on the latter. We’re all stuck at home right now, but this song is ideal for reminiscing about getting lost in a concert or club crowd. And let’s be honest, the lyric “Just be courageous, ‘cause style’s contagious” deserves a Grammy.

“Play My Music,” Jonas Brothers (from “Camp Rock”)

Camp Rock was the place to be. Though Alyson Stoner’s DJing stole the show every summer, the Jonas Brothers — excuse me, Connect 3 — offered some pretty catchy tracks, too. In “Play My Music,” the brothers pay homage to the paramount role of music in their lives, and the song utilizes all the best parts of Disney pop — a mention of turning on a radio, a six string and even a good old-fashioned “yeah!” at the end. And fittingly, this is the playlist’s final jam.

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