Why we should be freezing our leftover fruits

Photo of frozen berries
Sosinda/Creative Commons

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It’s so easy to pile up on groceries during shopping trips and buy more than what you need. While this could be a good thing for foods with a long shelf-life, the same does not hold for fruits and veggies. My family often preserved meats, sauces and herbs by freezing them and this inspired me to try the same with fruits such as berries and cut melons. To my surprise, freezing turned out to be a simple hack to keep fruits fresh without compromising their tastiness and health benefits. Aside from extending their shelf life, freezing offers inventive ways to eat fruits and may even convince people who don’t like them to change their minds.

A refreshing twist

Did you know that frozen berries resemble bite-sized popsicles (except without the popsicle stick)? I love freezing blueberries, strawberries and cherries, and then eating a couple every time I’m craving a snack. If you’re looking to cool down during hot days, peel and chop your favorite fruits into bite-sized pieces and freeze them in a freezable airtight container. You’ll be enjoying a deliciously healthy fruit platter while also cooling down from the sunny heat. 

Perfect for portioning

I love eating watermelons, but it’s just not possible for one person to finish the entire one by themselves in one sitting. Miniature watermelons are also an option, but they just don’t taste the same. If left out or chilled for too long though, they soon turn into a pile of mush. By freezing large quantities of fruits, you can portion out the fruit without having to waste the rest. 

Use on other Foods

There’s a multitude of ways for frozen fruits to be used — baked, cooked and blended — into other foods. Did you buy large banana bunches but can’t finish them before they turn overripe and brown? Freeze and later blend them into smoothies or as top-on for smoothie acai bowls. You can also try skewering fruits to make a healthy alternative to traditional store-bought popsicles. Or simply add them as a quick topping to ice creams, cereals and yogurts. If you’re feeling a little fancy, create frozen snack bars by lining yogurt on a pan and topping it with frozen fruits and freezing them.

Change a nonfruit eater’s mind

The freezing method revolutionized how often I ate fruits; it’s especially helpful for anyone planning to eat healthier while also satisfying their craving for snacking or frozen desserts.

Frozen fruits with their extended shelf life are versatile and provide a new way to appreciate their tastiness. The slightly sweet and tart flavors combined with the frozen crunch had me hooked on this new method of preparing fruits. So what are you waiting for? Freeze your fruits, especially now that the summer heat’s coming back soon.

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