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Sustainability Impact Issue: Editor's Note

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The impacts of climate change are always at the forefront of this generation’s mind — after all, we’ve been tasked with cleaning up our planet and making sure it remains livable.

The Berkeley community has seen the effects of climate change firsthand, from shifting wildfire seasons to statewide drought restrictions. The environment affects our lives in many ways, and efforts to become sustainable must be tackled from every angle. 

Student activists, city leaders and campus policies have consistently emphasized the importance of protecting our planet, but there is always more work to do. 

Outside environmentalism, sustainability is critical to consider for programs such as Cal Athletics, as the pandemic has caused the future of long-standing institutions to become uncertain.

This Earth Day, The Daily Californian looks at the initiatives for sustainability on campus and within the city, the carbon footprint of live concerts, the importance of sustainability being accessible to all communities and the sustainability of the Pac-12 conference. 

Sarah Harris is the editor in chief and president, Alexander Hong is the creative director and Amanda Bradford is the managing editor. Contact them at [email protected].

APRIL 22, 2021