Change it up with these unconventional locations for graduation photos

Photo of UC Berkeley Seal
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff

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Lo and behold, we’ve made it to spring. And what is so special about spring? Why it’s the season of — wait for it — graduation pictures. Here is a list of locations that are only slightly eccentric to take your photos. Some are funny, and some are more serious, but regardless of which you choose, your friends and family are guaranteed to be very jealous of our — I mean your creativity.

On top of a seal (no, not the animal)

Near graduates and new students alike know the taboo of stepping on the UC Berkeley seals. As one of the school’s most famous superstitions, stemming from respect for students who served in World War II, you likely know to avoid stepping on them when you’re walking around Memorial Glade. If you want that 4.0 GPA, jumping across or skirting around them is the way to go. However, now that you’re graduating, you no longer have to worry about this. You can stamp on it with all of your pent-up academic frustrations from the last four years. Take a picture while doing it too to commemorate your time at UC Berkeley. 

In front of a nostalgic spot

Here’s a picture many won’t understand. But whenever you look back on it, even about 30 years later, you’ll look back with a warm and fuzzy feeling of fondness. Maybe you met your best friends in Martinez Commons, found your calling in a molecular and cell biology discussion or met your significant other in Cafe 3 with pieces of nachos dribbling from your mouth. Whatever the case may be, catch a photo in front of that special building or spot. It will for sure serve you down the road. It can even be a conversation starter. Two birds with one stone, right?

Outside of the Valley Life Sciences Building

With its feature in the recent release of “Godzilla vs. Kong,” our very own Valley Life Sciences Building has become a location to note. That’s not to mention that the building houses a complete replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex named Osborn. Even if the photo will just be of you posing in front of a building, it’s guaranteed to be interesting due to these facts alone, and even better if you have taken multiple classes in the building.

Inside Morrison Library

This one may have to wait until the fall when campus hopefully reopens. But the little-known library tucked inside Doe Library boasts beautiful mahogany walls and turn of the 20th-century styled seating, making your delayed photo session well worth the wait. The warm ambient atmosphere of the reading room is great for studying and even greater for pictures. But since this room doesn’t allow electronics, remember to bring your film camera.

Here lie some unconventional photo spots that we here at the Clog discovered, but there are many, many more. What are some of your favorite locations for graduation photos?

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