Here are some anime recommendations to get you started

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Anime, or Japanese animated shows and movies, can sometimes seem weird and off-putting for those who are not familiar with them. However, there is a lot more to anime than it seems from the outside. There is an anime show for you, no matter what you’re into. Here are some recommendations to dip your toes into anime based on what you like.

For thriller fans: ‘Death Note’

If you like intense mind games and high-stakes battles, then you might enjoy “Death Note.” The story follows Light Yagami as he receives the titular “death note,” a notebook that kills whoever’s name is written inside. He plans to use it to enact harsh justice upon the criminals of the world, all while being pursued by a genius detective. It’s a show that turns two people walking down the street and talking into an incredibly tense battle of wits. So, if you like that sort of thing, then give this show a try. Do not watch the live-action Netflix movie, however, as it is terrible.

For sports fans: ‘Haikyuu’

Sports anime is a major sub-genre of anime. These usually follow a fictional team or player as they improve and rise up the ranks. Some do an incredible job of recreating the sound and feel of watching a game, while also allowing you to get a better feel of why players make the decisions that they do. “Haikyuu” is one of the best of the sports-related anime. It’s a show about a high school boy’s volleyball team, and characters in the show have the hype, technique and physical prowess of real-life volleyball players. The only difference is the animation. Also, if you don’t know anything about volleyball, don’t worry. The show explains the various rules so you’ll fully know what is going on by the time you are just a few episodes in.

For romantic comedy fans: ‘Kaguya-sama: Love is War’

This show takes romantic comedy to the extreme. It follows a romantic pair and their struggle to reveal their true feelings. This makes even the most mundane encounters a fierce battle of the minds as the two try to outmaneuver each other. In addition, they both have crushes on one another. This means that both are trying to get the other to make the first move, which leads to plenty of hilarity and even some romance.

For people who want something weird: ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’

The last anime on this list is different from most other anime, in addition to anything else. There’s a reason it has the word bizarre in the name. The show starts with an English gentleman learning sunshine karate to fight a vampire, and it progresses to people using their psychic ghosts to fight with powers such as being able to create a zipper (that can open) wherever the psychic ghost touches. Also, characters and powers are often named after bands, musicians and songs. So if you want something unique, then check out “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.” Just don’t make any judgements too quickly, as each season of the series has a different protagonist, genre and feel.

Now, you should be equipped to find an anime that suits your taste. If nothing on this list does strike your fancy, then just Google a genre you like combined with the word “anime” and see what comes up. You’ll be sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

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