Surf and sunshine: Listen to this playlist while driving down the CA coast

Photo of a car racing down a highway
Faungg/Creative Commons

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There’s nothing quite like the drive home after spending a whole day at the beach. From behind your sunglasses, you stare in awe at the yellow, orange and purple sunset as it gets smaller and smaller in your rearview mirror. With summer quickly approaching, we at the Clog decided to put together a playlist that can capture this feeling of driving down the coast on a picture-perfect summer day. Enjoy! 

“Ferus Gallery,” Allah-Las

The band Allah-Las specializes in songs that take you back to the surf culture of the ’60s. You don’t have to worry about singing along either, since this song is a steady three minutes and 35 seconds of guitar riffs and drums. 

“Raspberry Jam,” Allah-Las 

Every time I hear this song, I’m reminded of going to the beach in Hawaii with my family. The repetition of the groovy harmonies is comforting and a great way to let your mind space out while jamming in the car.

“Good Days,” SZA

While this is clearly not in the category of surf jams, SZA’s angelic voice combined with the dreamy melody make up the perfect recipe for a reflective mood as you stare off into the horizon. 

“My Kind of Woman,” Mac DeMarco

This relaxing song with Mac DeMarco’s soothing vocals might put you to sleep on the drive down the coast, but it’s worth the listen! Plus, how could anyone not love Mac’s adorable, gap-toothed smile. 

“Gravity,” Brent Faiyaz featuring Tyler, the Creator

This upbeat hit is guaranteed to lift your spirits up. There’s no need to listen to the lyrics (spoiler alert — it’s about a relationship), just let the beat carry you as you gaze out the window of your car. 

“Peach Pit,” Peach Pit 

Accompanied by low-key vocals and outspoken guitar riffs, this song is perfectly laid-back. There’s no need to try to decipher the words because the tone of the instruments says it all. Turn the speaker up and let your day be made by Peach Pit.

“California,” Childish Gambino

Here we have another song reminiscent of surf music where Childish Gambino sings, “She wants to move to California/ She must have fucking lost her mind.” Maybe us Californians have lost our minds, but there’s no way you can judge us for living here after driving down the coast during sunset while listening to this song.

“Kiss Me More,” Doja Cat featuring SZA

This super catchy bop is perfect for driving down the coast simply because it’s such a fun song — I guarantee it will be your new earworm. Bonus points if you bring your friends along so you can sing it to other cars at stoplights.

“Lemurian Promenade,” Shane Tyler

While this song is more electronic, the bass guitar gives it a groovy feel. Plus, the vocals make you feel as if you’ve crossed the horizon and entered heaven, which you probably will while listening to this playlist. 

“Shalala,” Moses Gunn Collective

This song will help you feel everything will be OK. “Shalala” is probably the indie version of “Hakuna Matata.” So, drop your worries and sing, “Shalalalala!”

Grab some friends, relax and roll your windows down while you enjoy this chill music and beautiful weather!

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