Top 8 Marvel superheroes to replace your ex with

Photo of Avengers Movie cover
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It seems as though everywhere you turn in 2021, there is yet another unusually attractive hero from Marvel trying to steal your heart … or take over your TikTok “For You” page. So, after a long time of seeing Captain America all over my feed, I’ve decided to write something about it in the only way I know how: a random tier list. Without further to do, here is my tier list of the top eight Avengers you could replace your ex with. We all might need it someday. 

8. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

While Tony Stark is definitely a good option for this tier list, there was tough competition. Tony is a billionaire playboy philanthropist and has a killer sense of humor, but he does have a kid, so that puts him in the negative a bit. But hey! Who am I to stop you?

7. Valkyrie

Even though Valkyrie is not part of the official Avengers group, she still counts in my heart. Valkyrie is funny, down-to-earth and definitely capable of making your ex jealous. Also, she has tons of stories to tell, so the conversation will never get boring. However, she can be a little scary sometimes, so that’s that.

6. Sam Wilson (ex-Falcon, Captain America)

So, here in the list is where it became almost impossible. Sam Wilson is charismatic, kind, passionate, funny and very handsome. Honestly, he is so much more than just a replacement. Wilson is the definition of a great guy, and he would go above and beyond for you.

5. Wanda (Scarlet Witch)

Although Wanda definitely would come with her own baggage, “WandaVision” has shown that when she loves someone, she really does give them her all. Wanda is selfless and committed, she will definitely always be there for you and always want to make you smile. Wanda is the kind of person who would give up her whole day just to make yours, and I’ve heard she has incredible taste in TV shows.

4. Bucky Barnes

Personally, I would move Bucky Barnes up to the #1 position. However, I realize the ex-Winter Soldier is not for everyone. Bucky is mysterious and kind, while still retaining that 1940s charm, and he is perfect for any kind of healthy relationship. Bucky would definitely give you the support and comfort you need post-breakup in a heartbeat, all while only saying about 12 words. 

3. T’Challa (Black Panther)

When looking for a future significant other, you always look for someone who will be committed to you and who will fight for you. T’Challa is that person. Although he is definitely one of the older souls on this list, T’Challa is the kind of person who would be committed to you from day one and plus, and his family is amazing as well. So you would not just be getting him but a whole group of supportive people.

2. Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow)

Although this spot was hard to place, it belongs to no one other than Black Widow herself. Although she was a bit scary in the beginning of the franchise, we all realize now that she is just someone who loves others selflessly. Natasha Romanoff would make sure every day is comfortable and fun, and she’d alway be there to listen. The best thing about her is that she is a jack-of-all-trades, so I feel as if you would have fun with her regardless of your interests. 

1. Steve Rogers (Captain America)

When thinking of superheroes to replace your ex, who else to choose than Captain America himself? Charming, charismatic, handsome, supportive and chivalrous, Steve Rogers really has it all, and he would definitely be a great replacement for your ex (he might even make you forget about them entirely).

Honorable mention: Vision

Although Vision definitely has proven himself to be a family man, I just can’t get over the whole robot thing. Also, I think he is still pretty hooked on Wanda from what I know. 

I hope you enjoyed this seemingly pointless list, and I hope that it will come in hand for you or your Marvel-loving friend.

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