The Clog’s guide to crafting the perfect summer bucket list

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With summer right around the corner from finals, it’s vital that you start making your summer bucket list now so you can make the most out of it. Oftentimes, we wait until summer begins to even start thinking about how we want to fill it, but this is the year to change that. We’ve outlined some ideas for a general summer bucket list below to serve as a launching point for your own customized list.


Trying new foods is a great way to keep busy during the summer. You can start your list by adding certain restaurants you’ve always wanted to try, and this can serve as a great way to support some local restaurants. Once you’ve done this, add some specific new foods you want to try — if you’re an avid TikToker like me then you’ll understand why I’m planning to try Korean corn dogs, Nashville hot chicken from KFC and Crumbl Cookies. In addition to going out to try new foods, summer provides you with ample time to practice your own skills in the kitchen. Search Pinterest or the Eating Berkeley archives for any new recipes that interest you or add certain cooking skills to your bucket list if you’re still finding your way in the kitchen.

The great outdoors

After being cooped up all year on our computers for school, nothing sounds better than making the most of opportunities to get outside this summer. Alltrails is a great place to start looking up the best hikes in your hometown or wherever you may find yourself this summer, and if you’re sticking around Berkeley, you can check out these spots. Famous outdoor sites such as waterfalls or lakes are also great additions. If you tend to stick to the same couple of outdoor activities, consider pushing yourself to try something more adventurous such as wakeboarding, cliff jumping, rock climbing or surfing. And if you’re typically more adventurous, try to enjoy the peace and relaxation nature can bring you by laying in the grass, doing outdoor yoga, gardening or walking along scenic paths. Adding a mix of all these kinds of outdoor activities to your bucket list will set you up to make the most of longer days and warmer weather.

Other activities

Beyond food and outdoor adventures, the rest really depends on what you really envision for yourself this summer. If you’re afforded the time to focus more on yourself, you could gear some items on your list towards self-care: have a spa day, try new workouts, read the book you’ve been wanting to read or lay in bed and watch all the shows you’ve been putting off. This could also be a great time to reconnect with people you haven’t seen or been in touch with due to the pandemic. As long as you follow guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this could be the perfect time to see your friends and try some of your other bucket list items with them! If you can’t think of anything else you’d like to add to your list, here are some other random ideas to get you thinking: paint in the park, go on a road trip, finish a puzzle, make a Cal game day shirt (hopefully in preparation for next semester) and do a thrift-flip for your dorm decor.

After such a hard school year, we all deserve to try our best to enjoy ourselves this summer. No matter what you add to your bucket list, it’s a good idea to start planning early so you don’t regret everything you didn’t do by the time the fall semester rolls around. We at the Clog are rooting for you to make this summer one to remember!

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