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The Daily Californian releases spring 2021 hiring demographics

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APRIL 30, 2021

Students deserve to know what kind of workplace they would enter should they apply to The Daily Californian. While our hiring demographics are only one part of the story, releasing them every fall and spring is an important aspect of transparency. 

We received fewer applications overall compared to both fall and spring 2020. What’s written in the note accompanying our fall 2020 hiring demographics still stands: The COVID-19 pandemic has not left much space for students to add more to their plates. 

For editorial applications, multiracial applicants were able to select multiple options; if they chose two, each counted as 0.5 for its respective category. The business/technology applications instead had a “Two or more races” selection. This was an oversight and will be updated for the summer and beyond. 

There were zero Black-identifying applicants this hiring cycle. We will continue our efforts to recruit and retain Black staffers, paying close attention to how we are reaching out to Black student organizations; we must respect that not everyone wants to apply while offering support to those who do.

Outreach to marginalized communities, specifically Black, Indigenous and Hispanic/Latinx communities, must be aided by efforts to make the Daily Cal a more inclusive and welcoming space. Students should be empowered to take ownership of this space, whether online or in person, and to have the support they need should they wish to take on managerial roles. 

Sarah Harris is the editor in chief. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @sharris_DC. Contact our hiring managers at [email protected]. Contact our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at [email protected].

APRIL 30, 2021