Honk honk! The Clog’s guide to your drive-by graduation party

photo of graduate with cap, gown and mask on
Phil Roeder/Creative Commons

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Graduating during a pandemic has been the ultimate plot twist of my college career. If you would’ve told me four years ago that I’d graduate in a face mask, I would’ve called you crazy. Nonetheless, here I am, days away from my completing my bachelor of arts degree from UC Berkeley and planning my own drive-by, COVID-19 safe graduation party. If you’re in the same boat as I am, here’s what you’ll need to put together a drive-by graduation party for your loved ones and friends! 

What’s a party without party favors?

The best part about hosting a party is being able to hand out goodies. Party favors can range from personalized graduation announcement cards to sweet treats that your guests can enjoy. However, it’s important to keep in mind safety precautions and sustainability. I opted for personal cupcakes placed in biodegradable to-go containers to avoid excessive touching between people. Other cute and safe ideas are candy bags or canned coffee. Moreover, the UC Berkeley student store has a ton of gifts you can hand out, so your loved ones have memorabilia from your big day. Some of the coolest gifts are UC Berkeley-themed key chains, teddy bears and shot glasses.

UC Berkeley decor is the best decor (it’s scientifically proven)

I’m sure you’ve seen the typical yard decorations for graduates. This usually includes a yard sign and a flag. But when your friends and family are coming to celebrate, it’s time to go all out. Show off your degree loud and proud with UC Berkeley-themed decor: balloons, blue and gold streamers and personalized banners. Your attendees won’t even have a chance to wonder which house is supposed to be yours. And they definitely won’t be wondering where you’re graduating from.

Repping UC Berkeley graduation regalia 

The most iconic part of graduation season is seeing everyone in their black cap and gown with blue and gold stoles. Although some of us aren’t walking and graduation feels like a fever dream, we can still represent UC Berkeley! Your graduation celebration is a perfect time to showcase the gear you’ve collected over four years. Likewise, you can dress your family up and have them rep blue and gold with you. Then, top it off with your cap and gown, and you officially look the part!

The most important component: Safety

The fact still remains that we’re in a global pandemic. As we try to find an essence of normalcy and celebrate our accomplishments, we can’t forget about the important things in this new version of life. So, don’t forget to mask up.

Finally, don’t forget to grab your phone and take lots of pictures. While we hit this amazing milestone, we have to both remain safe and document these times (no matter how weird they may seem).

To sum up, a drive-by graduation party can be a great way to celebrate this huge accomplishment. It allows us to invite our loved ones to celebrate with us and for us to give back to them, too. Congratulations, fellow Bears!

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