Calstrology: Finals week horoscopes

Illustration of horoscopes and finals season
Aarthi Muthukumar /Staff

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Finals week is never easy, but it’s much more difficult online. So here’s a handy dandy guide from the stars to help you ace this difficult week. 


May is a great month for you. Life will feel sweet and magical as planets spin in harmony in your solar fifth house. Focus on your test instead of your new crush. You’re free to welcome more into your life, including dating and relationships to add that extra spice. But maybe take a step back, and put your hooves down — let’s get that A first.


This finals week, you may be plagued with daydreams about moving, stressed about your fixer-upper project or worried about next semester’s housing plans. But it’s time to let your worries take a backseat and make studying and test taking a priority.


This week, you might be inspired to write creatively or be tempted to post aesthetic pictures on social media. Channel that active mental energy toward your finals, and you’ll be set! The biggest blessing, however, is that Jupiter will spin into your sign on May 13, bringing with it copious amounts of good old luck. Now wish for straight A’s to your lucky stars, and you shall have it!


Given that May is a month of personal finances for Aries, you might be thinking a lot about what’s in your wallet instead of doing your readings. While budgeting is important, translate your arithmetic skills onto your Math 55 final. Acing those tests comes first.


Happy birthday month Taurus! Your finals week could be one where you actually have your head in the clouds, dreaming up plans for your virtual birthday bash. Luckily for you, the abundance of stars in your zodiac means strong possibilities of forwarding advancement in life. The new moon May 11 means you should put your all into your hopes and dreams. Use it to get that bread — land your A’s!


May is a month for thinking about the future for you. Finals week might feel like an absolute drag due to the Mercury retrograde. You might be tempted to start reflecting on life and about what’s truly important (aka probably not grades). If you find yourself having an existential crisis, go stick your nose in a book. 


You might be the only sign enjoying your studying this week. Or perhaps you’re enjoying an academic project having nothing to do with your final and are procrastinating. Just be careful you aren’t too distracted as your social life is probably also buzzing!


Prosperity seems to be huge this May for you. A “momentous” month as stars gather in your 10th house. The new moon May 11 means it’s time to fly toward your ambitions — which is hopefully to do well on your tests. 


May is an interesting month for you as everything in your bones is telling you to strike out onto new territory. Instead of studying, you might find your mind wandering to the past as well. Your new moon May 11 encourages you to open your wings and take flight (just please, please study for your finals first).


You, Libra, might find yourself being extremely productive this week while also striking that work-life balance. Make sure you take lots of breaks, and rejuvenate yourself with some snacks


Scorpios, you’re blessed with the “relationship” month. While you might feel obligated to set up a coffee date or two, you know what else has long-term potential? Your grades. Set up a study date instead or a date with your final study guides. 


You are the busy bees of busy bees this month! With ample stars crammed into your solar sixth house of productivity, you’re probably taking on projects and additional responsibilities in tandem with your finals. Drop those things on your calendar that are wasting your time, and use those added minutes toward studying for finals. Keep up your energy through exercise and a healthier diet. You will see that what you can achieve is through the proverbial roof!

So there you have it! Remember that the stars are here to aid, not to replace your studying!

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