Club Penguin mascots as UC Berkeley colleges

Illustration of UC Berkeley campus as an island
Aarthi Muthukumar/Staff

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Juggling a life online is like harkening back to the old days, where we made friends online and waddled around as flightless birds on a computer screen. Many of us spent a significant chunk of our childhoods on Club Penguin, and now you Golden Bears can discover which Club Penguin mascot you are!

College of Letters and Science

Encompassing a variety of majors from humanities to arts to sciences, the College of Letters and Science is where most UC Berkeley students belong. Similarly, no one but Rockhopper, the penguin-pirate, screams Club Penguin. There’s no penguin who has the “work hard play hard” mentality Rockhopper does, making him fit right in. 

College of Engineering

From mechanical to civil to electrical, the College of Engineering has a wide range of majors that help students learn to make something out of nothing. Nothing screams engineering like Gary the Gadget Guy, Club Penguin’s resident inventor. And just like plenty of engineering students, he often doesn’t know what he’s doing and has some not-so-perfect experiments. 

College of Chemistry

Considering that every single College of Chemistry student spends more than 200 hours in wet labs before graduating, it’s safe to say that the penguin to match has to love some mad science just as much. Enter Jet Pack Guy, the agent who mixed up hot sauce and cream soda to make fuel for his jet pack, the makings of a top-quality renewable energy thesis.

Rausser College of Natural Resources

If you’ve ever been to the College of Natural Resources, you’ll know what I mean when I say it exudes happiness. Be it the geographical location of CNR or simply its good vibes, the sun somehow shines brighter there. The only penguin to match that level of chillness and happiness is Cadence, the musical artist of the island. 

College of Environmental Design

With a diverse array of majors ranging from architecture to city and regional planning, this college is the epitome of design. Given this, it’s natural that the College of Environmental Design would have to be Club Penguin’s famous construction worker, Rory. As the penguin responsible for building both headquarters for the Penguin Secret Agency and Elite Penguin Force, Rory knows design better than any other penguin on the island. 

Haas School of Business

While Haas is known for having some of the most innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs in the UC Berkeley community, it’s also infamous for its cutthroat and competitive culture. And nothing says ambition like Club Penguin’s notorious villain Herbert P. Bear. You have to admit: This cunning polar bear’s goals to take over the island are reminiscent of Haas kids’ never-ending aspirations. 

Graduate School of Journalism

To learn how to get the latest scoop on reporting, campus’s Graduate School of Journalism is the place to be. And as both a news reporter and the editor in chief of the Club Penguin Times, Aunt Arctic is the island’s expert on all things journalism. In charge of news, columns and more, this penguin makes sure everyone on the island is in the know — as a good journalist should. 

Graduate School of Education

Being in school ourselves, we all know that teachers give us so much more than a textbook education, imparting their insight and reasoning within the semester they have us for. No penguin does this better than Sensei, the bird who owns and trains every penguin at the Card-Jitsu Dojo. 

Goldman School of Public Policy

Public policy is all about making the right course of action to accompany the problems faced by society. And no other penguin screams public policy like Rookie: Club Penguin’s resident public relations officer and clumsy secret agent. By keeping the island safe and in check while also maintaining communication, he makes sure every penguin public policy is upheld.

There we have it, the Clog’s breakdown to each college as a Club Penguin persona. While we said goodbye to the game years ago, there’s still a waddling flightless bird in each of us waiting to sled down Ski Hill once more — go penguins!

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